VGG: Mass Effect Review

Nick Arvites of VGG recently reviewed Mass Effect. Here is part of what he had to say,

"Mass Effect has managed to take everything great about the prior RPG games BioWare has created and set the bar even higher. I haven't felt this compelled to play an RPG in years. This is primarily due to the fresh feel of the universe and BioWare's stellar job of writing the dialog, and getting the voice actors to properly convey it. I've already finished the game once, and I'm getting ready to go through it again in order to take a different route here and there. While there are minor nitpicks on the technical side, my score doesn't detract for them because they weren't critical failures and they are overshadowed by the simply amazing game BioWare has created."

* Incredibly engrossing RPG
* Deep universe
* Excellent Dialog
* Solid plotline

Minor nitpicks (loading skips, texture issues)

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JokesOnYou4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Nick Arvites of Video Game Generation:

"The way I look at it is simply this: to me a 10 score on any title I review means that it’s so good that there will only be a few others that even come close to it in a generation. Because BioWare obliterated the bar it had helped set for RPGs and has created in my opinion the Game of the Year for 2007, Mass Effect is a solid 10 with no regrets."

Mass Effect is a great game, no amount of hate is going to change that, more salt in the wounds of the haters=


mesh14047d ago

ps3 fans dont cry dry ue eyes tbh i dont rate games by genre liek these idotic sites do i rate games on what the bring and the scope o a the game if a game mass effect dwarfes all releases thsi year just face it trolls

green4047d ago

bioware delivers time and time again.And there was no doubt that this will deliver.Hope this game ends up being a mega success

mesh14047d ago

im replying to what i said in the other thread ur rigth im sorry ;p bu ti was just having some fun and u did try o downplay ,mass effect u and i knwo mass effect has done much better than uncharted on reviews but u tryed to say they were at the same lvl maybe i look into thing to much ;p0 my apologizies u seem calm and not a to much of a sony troll so sory

basherdrog4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

yea so with all the glitches and bugs this game is still perfect

utterly biased crap

gonna buy this game anyways i hope it turns out good enough for me as i m not into rpgs.

now m gonna go and take a piss .. expecting to see sum 100+ disagrees when i come back]

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