Metro 2033 - 75% off on Steam, for one day only

DSOGaming writes: "THQ offers today a massive 75% discount on Metro 2033 via Steam that is valid until 10.00 PST / 13.00 EST / 18.00 BST tomorrow. So basically, for only 2.5 euros (or $3.5 USD) you can get a great FPS game. This massive discount is the beginning of THQ's Special Week on Steam and during this week, the company will be offering their games with incredible discounts."

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caboose322500d ago

Does anyone know if this game is worth getting?

Never tried it before.

Enmson2500d ago

awesome game, awesome graphics, awesome gameplay, awesome price :)

caboose322500d ago

Thanks, it's so tempting to buy and I always hate myself after buying anything on steam sales, but screw it. I'm buying this damn game.

BiggCMan2500d ago

It's actually 5 dollars, not 3.50.

Fanbot2500d ago

it's 2.50€ in italy

BiggCMan2500d ago

I'm talking about U.S Dollars though, the article says its 3.50 in USD, but it's 5 USD on my Steam.

Farsendor12500d ago

thq and steam really want people to play this game i swear i have seen this on sale 5 other times this year

kasasensei2500d ago

It's an intelligent move to get people excited about the sequel, i think.

awi59512500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

I just bought it 5 dollars is nothing for this great game lol. Now i need to get the borderlands game of the year edition i keep balking on for 7 bucks. Steam is awesome damn you ea for setting up your own crappy service i know you are going to screw us on.

gorebago2500d ago

Thanks dude. Totally just ordered this game. i was looking at it at the store today and almost bought it. Glad I waited....

i_like_ff72500d ago

It's one of the best looking games if your pc can run it.

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