5 truths about Dark Souls

Dark Souls has been out a couple of weeks and the Gamer Sheep website has had time to think about what the game really is. A new post says the game is obviously hard, has great boss battles, dodgy controls, and does stuff other games would be ripped for. But gamers still love it. Why?

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DaThreats2501d ago

Ya cant handle the truth

gamersheep2501d ago

The truth will set you free?

dp2774072501d ago

Oh, and there doesn’t appear to be a way to know how many more souls you need to rank up. Get the guide it tells you all the way 700 some levels

Canary2501d ago

700 levels? Doesn't it cap out at 150?

I'm at 80-something myself, and can scarcely imagine ever going higher.

dp2774072501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Here I got this right outta the book. Level 792 takes 11,938,030 souls for just this one level.

Hellsvacancy2501d ago

I wanna know why i cant invade or summon, not been able to yet, i thought the other day when playin *Yeah my character (Baron Von Doom) is badass enough to kick some mofos teeth in* but im not able to, it dont work, my cracked orb thing is always blackened, no matter what form im in

Tanir2501d ago

are u in a covenant? i never did it yet either but i think you can only invade if ur human and if ur in a covenant

akiraburn2500d ago

The game currently has problems with their summoning system. I was looking all the info up online that I could find last night. From the info I found, it seems that that only a couple summon signs will potentially (not guaranteed) show up in anyone's world at any time, which also means that there is no way to know where they may show up. The whole conversion to a peer-to-peer system really screwed things up royally for gaming online on this. I've had my soulsign out for upwards of an hour in generally busy areas and no one has summoned me. Just the same, I've gone my entire game so far (about 30+ hours in) without seeing anyone's soul sign to summon.

And for anyone that may ask, yes I've made sure I'm Human when looking for someone to summon, and I've made sure I was Hollow when leaving my soulsign. According to some statements I've read online, this is how Namco/From Soft wanted the game to be, so it will most likely not be getting fixed in the next patch. However hopefully the control glitch for the issue with 'characters not performing actions until you try and perform a separate action' thing will be getting fixed with the next patch.

arizona-techgeek2501d ago

This game is ridiculous hard. How is this fun?

2501d ago
Sheikah2501d ago

It's unique in its' sadistic nature.

The "fun" is in the ten minutes of progress, bathed i 50 minutes of frustration; that is what makes the game. I'm inclined to frown upon the game's lack of story or even a 'genuine' narrative.. One might point fingers at the difficulty (myself included, min you. I had the infamous 30 minutes of "I'm returning this piece of shit game first thing in the morning" inner monologue... (outer monologue being "F******** YOU, RANDOM SKELETON ARCHER)) but the difficulty a core element of the gameplay.

Unlike most modern titles, this one won't hold your hand and guide you past checkpoints or even explicate matters to you. It's a game you want to beat, explore and exploit, not because you think that it's a fantastic game, but because you (as a gamer) sure as shit will not be beaten by a game. Elements such as online communities, the summoning and messaging is there to "guide" you - to me, that's a clear indication from the devs side that they want us to cooperate to beat their game.

The game is downright sadistic and it will punish you for your hubris whenever you think you've got it nailed... And that's why progress feels all the more gratifying! You didn't just beat "level two" - you finally managed to outplay the ridiculously frustrating Capra Demon (e.g.). It is also where the suspense is at. If you rush down a corridor because it seems clear, odds are you will be crushed/stabbed/eaten/drowned/ burnt to death.. Instead, you walk slowly cowering behind your shield with a "resting" heart-rate of 120bpm.

It is not a title for a casual relaxing gameplay experience with a fantastic story (Enslaved). It is not a great adventure with tales and deep lore (akin to Morrowwind), nor is it an action-game with tense action and over-the-top visuals. It's a game that will kick your ass without encouraging you to push on - it's undoubtedly one of the most challenging gameplay experiences in recnt history, and the mere act of beating it is where the "fun" is at.

Canary2501d ago

It's not hard, it just has a steep learning curve.

Optical_Matrix2501d ago

Played 16 hours and only just going to fight the Gargoyles. Most of those 16 hours has been me grinding, dying, and mastering tactics against various enemies. Has it been annoying? No. The challenge of Dark Souls is what makes it so fun. The gamer in me, who has gamed since the early 90's, where a lot of games were difficult back then, welcomes Dark Souls which comes out amongst the backdrop of a market that lacks games which offer a true challenge.

The game is so satisfying. It could end up being one if not the, GoTY for me.

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