Resident Evil 6 will be announced NYCC 2011?

Capcom has announced that they will participate in New York Comic-Con 2011. This year Capcom will bring a lot of new playable demo like [Resident evil, Street Fighter and some of the others]. And also, there will be daily tournaments for us to compete each other.

There might be an announcement for Resident Evil 6, since Capcom did not announce in TGS “Capcom

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WhiteLightning2536d ago

Don't think I could go through being dissapointed again.

The details and even the trailer of the fake RE6 stuff at TGS was great...I actually wanted it to be true. I mean replace Jill with Rebbeca and it would of been better since we havent seen her since RE0 and with Jill being in RE5/Revealtions, but hey....least Ada Wong was going to be in it.

NeloAnjelo2535d ago

Once its not RE5: Stop and Shoot then I'll give it a chance. More horror please.

cervantes992535d ago

Hopefully with less forced Coop. Optional Coop is great, but forcing it in the single player campaign was lame IMO.

Plagasx2535d ago Show