Sonic Generations PC Confirmed - System Requirements

DSOGaming writes: "After BTGames, Steam and Direct2Drive, GreenManGaming are taking pre-orders for the PC version of Sonic Generations. Although the game hasn't been officially announced for the PC, all the aforementioned sellers have a - unofficial - release date for it, and that is the fourth day of November. Moreover, GreenManGaming have posted the game's system requirements."

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ATi_Elite2473d ago

if you can launch the windows calculator then you can run Sonic Generations.

I seriously doubt you will need a Sli or CFX set-up for this.

Roushrsh2473d ago

RECOMMENDED 460?? WTF?? WILL I BE ABLE TO SEE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF SONICS MOHAWK HAIRS MOVE IN THE WIND? Seriously, very few games require a 460 that are out right now (there's like FFXIV which is open world and beautiful) heck, witcher 2 which is arguably the best looking game has a 260 for recommended. How poorly optimized is this game? Are we going to be EMULATING the 360 version? o.O

Kamikaze1352472d ago

Poor optimization, I guess.

limewax2471d ago

Personally I call bull on these requirements. It is announced now but I doubt these are genuine.

I have never seen a recommended 460 before and I doubt sonic will be the one to need it.

Yodagamer2472d ago

wow really if an iphone can run this why is the specs so high

Kamikaze1352472d ago

Textures are less compressed, there is more going on, and poor optimization.

NarooN2472d ago

AMD Phenom II X4 @ 3.0 GHz


How in the hell can this game have such steep requirements?

DigitalAnalog2471d ago

Sonic Generations Frostbite 2.0 confirmed!