GATT: Gears of War 3 Doesn’t Fail To Deliver Unlike recent game in other frrs all that and a bag of fanchise histories, Epics opus Gears Of War 3 delivers on all of the promises that were made and then some. Coming from a “Empire Strikes Back” sort of vibe in GOW2, the game picks up several years later, with humanity been having to re-form it’s society.

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otherZinc2537d ago

I agree 100%!

Your conclusion was great, there are no words to describe this game.

I took a small break to play Rage & now Forza 4, however, this is a game I'll play until the next iteration of Gears. I'll take a break here & there but I'll definitely be right back.

Exceptional game!

iHEARTboobs2537d ago

My only complaint is that so far it's a lil too easy.