Engadget - Sony PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset review

Oh hey, Sony, how nice of you to join the party! The console gaming headset party, that is (no, Bluetooth earpieces don't count). Over a year ago the company had us yearning for a PS3-oriented headset after letting loose its duo of Ultimate Weapons headgear for PC gamers. Then in May, a glimmer of hope shone upon us when its PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset was announced for the DualShock-wielding gamers -- and priced at a modest $100.

There's no doubt that this playing field's been blanketed with a saturation of wallet-tempting selections (we're looking at you MadCatz, Turtle Beach and Astro), but Sony's official kit has a few tricks up its sleeve for a potential home run. Despite the moniker, it's capable of virtual 7.1 surround sound and displays onscreen status reports exclusively when used with a PS3. We spent a few fragging-hours over PSN to hear how well we could pin-point our enemies with sound to keep the kill streaks coming.

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Solid_Snake-2542d ago

i hear nothing but good things about the headset.

this is my beauty......see link.

davekaos2541d ago

I have the Kave too snake, shame its not directly supported with the PS3 so i have had to use toslink from ps3 to my soundcard on PC and then i use PSeye as my mic.

Really is a great headset

dorron2542d ago

Got mine today. Great headset. Only two bad points:

1.- 7.1 only works in PS3
2.- Doesn't work directly connecting the dongle to a TV's USB.

It works smoothly with PS3 and even in Linux! Great sound quality for a virtual 7.1 with such price tag and very comfortable and wireless.

Worth the price.

Redempteur2541d ago

it works with linux ? not surprised but cool to ear

weazle2542d ago

Got mine from Amazon on their awesome pre-order deal for $65 and no shipping cost. I love them and would have paid full price for them. You can't beat them for the money.

Holeran2541d ago

For $100 there is no substitute. Yes you can probably get better surround sound for $160+ but I have tested the 7.1 surround set with one of my friends in game and yes they represent where the sound is coming from well, the depth as to how far the sound is away from you could be better but when the sound is coming from the rear and to your right you know it and so on.

Grandclover2541d ago

I just read this review on another site... all i can say is that i own them (picked um up with Resistance 3 on dayone...i just with i loved R3 as much as these things). All anyone needs to know PERIOD, is that they are 10X better then turtle beach px21's and they are just as good if not better then Tritton AX pros (yes i have owned both of them before). The only thing they don't have is Mic monitering and come on. Talk normal. Yes it is easy to raise your voice when you can't hear yourself but you will soon realize that there isn't a need, a whisper can be heard by the rest of your team SO JUST TALK NORMAL!!!

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