DorkShelf: Invisible steering wheel? In-depth review of Forza 4's multiple control options

At the Forza Motorsport 4 launch event in Toronto Dork Shelf got a hands-on demo of the game. Forza Motorsport 4, from Turn 10 and Microsoft Studios, offers a myriad of new gameplay, customization, and community options that are sure to entice any racing fan. However, the event highlighted the variety of controllers a player can use to control the vehicles in the game. Dork Shelf had the chance to try out three of the game’s major controller options: Driving with Kinect, using Microsoft’s new Wireless Speed Wheel, and playing with the standard Xbox 360 controller.

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Yi-Long2416d ago

... I rather would have seen them use that time, money and effort on creating LOTS more new exciting gorgeous stages!

Godmars2902416d ago

Probably shouldn't be saying this, but the only reason you're seeing Forza 4 now is Kinect.

I mean, in the current console gen, where is Forza 3's DLC? How many packs did they put out?

Yi-Long2416d ago

... I never bought any of the DLC though. Just waited for the Ultimate release and bought that for 7-8 pounds NEW.

The DLC for Forza 4 will be the reason I won't be buying that game anytime soon either. I'll just wait again.

iamgoatman2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Loads! A quick google search and you would have found out for yourself.

Objective2416d ago

I think you have mistaken Forza for another game that failed to give content for a long while.

m232416d ago

They have stated that because of Kinect they were pushed to make the graphics what they are now, so it wasn't really a waste.

earbus2416d ago

People can whinge all they want u cant please everyone in life, all i know is its nearly time to race got kinnect ready for headtracking got my wheel will be in car paradise, while the haters think of the next whinge angle.