Welcome Back, Syndicate! writes, "It always baffles me when cranky, old school gamers turn their noses up to revitalized franchises of yesteryear, simply because they think that a different developer or a slightly different style will make for an inferior game or will somehow tarnish the original’s legacy.

Take Syndicate, for example. The original game, which was released in 1993 and was hugely popular with the PC gaming crowd. Like many older flagship titles, Syndicate carries with it a bit of gamer “street cred” amongst the enthusiast gaming crowd. Sure, it was a popular and fun game, but let’s be honest. If today’s gamer played it for the first time, they’d find it to be hard to control, slow-paced, and likely (cover your ears, hardcore gamers) boring. I say this because I recently replayed my copy of the original game just this past week, and, well… it just doesn’t hold up."

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