Project Zomboid: Rethinking the Zombie Apocalypse

Project Zomboid tackles a totally different perspective on the usual zombie survival experience - a realistic one. The game is aptly summed up by this statement, "We're trying to tell the story of your death, not your triumphant survival against all odds," a direct quote from the game’s developers, The Indie Stone. And die you will.

Survival is not a simple task or even expected for very long in Project Zomboid.

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pangitkqb2329d ago

Never heard of this game but after this preview I'm really interested. Funny how so many games go under the radar and show up suddenly like a rare archeological find. I hope Project Zomboid takes off.

xhedleyx2329d ago

After watching some Youtube videos I can see this project becoming the next Minecraft.

pat_11_52329d ago

I think I read something about this game on Kotaku, I didn't really give it a second look. But this preview, it's got me pretty interested.