Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ‘Iron Lady’ Gameplay Preview (

Terry Lucy writes: "Last time we went to check out Modern Warfare 3′s single player, we were shown the ‘Black Tuesday’ and ‘Mind the Gap’ missions, set in New York and London. This time around, we are in Paris, for a mission called ‘Iron Lady’ where we got to see how the game is shaping up before the big November 8th release day."

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Terrylucy2542d ago

It looks seriously good. Massive changes to the engine which haven't been spoken about too much. I am looking forward to getting the full game!

StanLee2542d ago

Surprisingly, Activision has been restrained with how much they've shown of Modern Warfare 3. I'm actually hyped for the game.

LakerGamerEnthusiast2542d ago

nice to see all these great improvements in the game, this mission aside looks amazing and can be very promising for what the full campaign can bring us. keep it up Infinity, your doing great! :)