Inversion: "Could Be One Of The Surprises Of The Next Year" (Hooked Gamers)

HG writes: "From E3 to GamesCom, right through to Eurogamer expo 2011, this year has been the year of the shooter. From the battle for the title of king FPS between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, to the many other games fighting over the leftover consumers, it has been hard to go to an event and not be swallowed whole by the sounds of bullets. But there is a lesser known battle in the shooter genre that takes place every year, and that is the battle between the new third-person titles, a battle that keeps the genre alive."

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BrutallyBlunt2541d ago

Saw footage of this recently and it does look quite good. Online multi-player could be different that's for sure. Imagine playing this in 3D, barf bag included.

ATi_Elite2541d ago

Yeh i really looking forward to Inversion. I like the innovation in gameplay and the graphics looked pretty darn good.

I love any game that just plays crazy with physics and gravity!

StarWolf2541d ago

well i dont see it as challenging from the gameplay video. Just some guy using special powers to kill everything in site. Its probably gonna be another Singularity but without the decent story.

Quagmire2541d ago

I dunno, Timeshfit was pretty bloody boring, dont have hopes for this.