The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles Review (ITF Gaming)

For strangers to the The Sims Medieval, as in the other Sims games you create your own storyline. As it begins you create a monarch, assigning him characteristics and venturing on the quest of setting up your kingdom. You can even write about your kingdom giving it its own unique history. When you create characters you build them up, using an array of available clothes and appearances to create your own characters it inhabit the kingdom of a name of your choosing. Aside from the characters physical appearance you must also choose two central traits for your character, including evil, chivalrous and the bizarre parents swallowed by a whale. You must also choose a negative trait such as alcoholic, greedy or recluse. Although the game decides in what order you can take certain actions it is the player who decides what quests the Sims will embark on and how they treat people around them and even which dreams they have. All of these decisions have an impact on the mythical world that EA has created. Essentially the story features fantastical elements of an alternative medieval reality that has never been seen before in another Sims game.

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