BF3 - UMP-45 "only a little OP," Changes to Bolt-Action Rifles, and HC Mode Details

As the Battlefield 3 Beta is now over, and DICE is hard at work putting the finishing touches on the retail version, Alan Kertz, Senior Gameplay Designer, is revealing some very interesting information regarding the controversial issue of weapon damage.

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TheBeast2327d ago

Thank god these will be fixed.

farhad2k82327d ago

UMP over powered? Reminds me of another game.. hmm..

Mister_V2327d ago

Seemed fine to me in BFBC2.

Kleptic2327d ago

i'm lost as to why many were saying it was over powered...I never had the one shot kill thing from someone with an ump...

the f2000 on the other hand...I don't every remember taking more than a single shot from it and staying alive...

I think what most where saying was that the ump was too good from the hip, as it kept a very tight grouping even under full auto...nearly up to medium range...

either way...i'm way more concerned that the insta-death while sprinting is gone (they claimed it was)...and that lag overall is significantly reduced...BF3's beta had the most lag i've ever experienced from dedicated times it was just as bad as CoD's shitty residential hosting...

iXenon2327d ago

If they're going to nerf the ump just a bit then it's fine

Mister_V2327d ago

Yeah, it sounds fair to me what they are doing. But I did like the way the bolt-actions worked in the Beta. It was like a 50% chance of getting a one-shot kill to the chest with full health, which was nice. I don't really want to see them change that.

Criminal2327d ago

I'm kinda sad about the nerf. The UMP was my favorite in the beta, but balance comes first.

Mister_V2327d ago

It kinda made the other carbines like the AK-74U useless.

Holeran2327d ago

I actually liked the aek-971 more than any other gun in the beta.

Criminal2327d ago

It does for me.

@Holeran I think it comes down to the type of recoil that fits your gameplay.

Kleptic2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

M416 w/ RDS and foregrip outside...

Ump 45 w/ RDS, tac light, and suppressed for the indoor objectives...worked well enough for me, and I agree it made the other PDW's feel sort of useless...but thats a problem with the other guns, isn't it? was still a hot trash at distance, which is what its supposed to it had a tiny mag, only the SCAR had a smaller one iirc...

got 5 service stars for that thing...have to say I did like the feel of it...but never noticed it taking 'not enough' shots to kill someone...any AR would drop someone way faster, they were just harder to manage the recoil...

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Nitrowolf22327d ago

glad to hear that some of these will be fixed. It's hard to make a gamebalance for weapons, you nerf one and another takes it's place. you nerf that then people complain more

Criminal2327d ago

I think weapon balance is the hardest thing to perfect in mp that's why people always complain about it.

Hufandpuf2327d ago

That's good. the UMP was usually what the winning team used. I always stuck with the MK11, that gun was beast up close.

0neShot2327d ago

BF3 is really following COD, as the UMP is a bit overpowered and overused in MW2.

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