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GameDynamo - "Pee and Poo Save the World is a game that takes the classic “excrement comes to life and fights off aliens with bodily functions” story and gives it color. In this experience, brought to you by Brown & Yellow International Holdings, you take on the role of Pee and Poo, who are trying to stop an alien invasion. "

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Godmars2902292d ago

Given the name, not only should the score be considered an "11," the reviewer should be committed.

Goomb2292d ago

Haha! Not sure how good it is, but it sure grabbed my attention! xD

OhMyGandhi2292d ago

this game just oozes originality. An ambitious title indeed.

Dovahkiin2292d ago

I agree, the Poo looks too much like chocolate, though.

OhMyGandhi2292d ago

yes, that could be a problem.


finally, a game that fits ME XD