OnLive Extends Their UK ‘£1 For Your 1st Game’ Offer

OnLive's special deal for new UK users that allowed them to purchase any game on the service for only £1 was supposed to expire last night. However, the deal has now been extended.

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CynicalVision2538d ago

The offer could be on for another year, I'm not taking the bait.

truegamer4life2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Onlive is not that bad at all. I decided to give it a try and im actually enjoying it. For 10 dollars a month you get to play over 100 games. Currently playing Batman AA, what an awesome game.

Perjoss2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Might have to check this out, £1 for a game is quite tempting. I think twitchy games like F1 2011 or a game like Street Fighter would never play well with the lag but for some games it might be ok.