Best Buy oversells Forza 4 special edition, screws gamers

The Forza Motorsport 4: Limited Collector's Edition is chock-full of extra cars you'll love driving in Forza 4... assuming you didn't order the game from Best Buy. It turns out the big box electronics retailer sold many more of the special edition than they actually had. Now they're going on a pre-order killing spree. Did you get screwed?

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ironwolf2477d ago

Trusting BestBuy to get your order right is like trusting a politician to keep a promise. It ain't gonna happen.

StanLee2476d ago

And they've sold out. So has Gamestop.

gamingdroid2476d ago

It's actually better than trusting Walmart or a myriad other retailers. I have always trusted to get it right though.

That said, I was just talking earlier how Forza 4 pre-orders seems kind of low relative to the previous game, yet the LE is sold out! 0_O

Maybe it is doing better than I thought....

Brownghost2476d ago

amazon all the way also the game is really hyped up

UltimateIdiot9112476d ago

I wouldn't paint BestBuy that bad but they did screw up. I trust BestBuy with my preorder more than I'll ever trust GameStop. Still haven't forgive them for that screwing me with my Valkyria Chronicles preorder.

In terms of gaming deals, Best Buy offer better deals way more than gamestop or walmart.

DeFFeR2476d ago

Still not as good as Amazon...

cee7732476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

tell me about it because of bestbuy i got uncharted 1&2 for 25 bucks with price match at walmart because best buy were sold out best 25 ever spent

dirthurts2476d ago

That's why some people like the internet.
In the real world they get punched in the face...

MoneyLaunderer2476d ago

They screwed up Dark Souls preorders, now they oversell Forza 4. Wow. Won't be preordering there anymore.

m232476d ago

I feel bad for the people who pre-ordered from best buy and got their order cancelled. That really sucks for them, I'm lucky I pre-ordered at Gamestop early.

Brownghost2476d ago

which edition did u order

m232476d ago

LCE, picked it up this morning.

earbus2476d ago

Best buy is called jb hifi in australia hope i dont get ripped should be sweet as long as i get the game in some form i dont really care vroooooom .

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The story is too old to be commented.