The Top 10 Epic Moments of MLG 2011 So Far

From the feature top 10 list:

"Major League Gaming (MLG), founded in 2002 by Sundance DiGiovanni and Mike Sepso, is a North American professional Electronic sports organization, headquartered in New York City, New York. MLG has held official video game tournaments throughout the United States and Canada. Major League Gaming competitions have been broadcast on television,, and other broadband sites. The company has also been involved in television production, and game development. MLG's aim is to elevate computer and console game tournaments to viable competitive and spectator events. Major League Gaming acquired Agora Games on August 18, 2009. Heading into this weekend's MLG 2011 Season event (which will be covering) we decided to break down our choices for the top 10 epic moments of the MLG 2011 season so far."

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UltimaEnder2417d ago

Interested to see what comes of the Orlando tournament...

LaurenKB1232417d ago

Finally some mainstream MLG coverage, yay

UncannyValley2417d ago

I wish the MLG would get more TV time. It would be great if G4 gave them some air time. I would definitely watch it. Great article by the way.

TheComedian2416d ago

And what the rest of the world thinks of MLG...