Mario Party 9 Tweets Made by Hudson

Since it’s unveiling at E3 2011 in June, Mario Party 9 has received virtually nothing in regards to news and information. However, since the initial announcement, Hudson Soft has been sending out some interesting tweets regarding Mario Party 9


Seems we are a bit late. The tweets, along with the entire @HudsonSoftLtd account, have been deemed fake. Any tweet regrading Mario Party 9 is not true and holds no legitimacy. The real Hudson twitter can be found at @HudsonSoft on Twitter. Still, this brings about some excitement for our rather silent game. It’s also a relief to know that ND Cube is not out of the picture.

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Sickr2539d ago

I presumed the game wouldn't be released until next year due to the lack of information and the key titles coming out this holiday season.

SuperZambezi2538d ago

I feel the same way. It just didn't make sense. These tweets are literally the only sources of information we have. :P

NuLL22538d ago

The Twitter account is fake...

SuperZambezi2538d ago

It is. Just found out. Sucks, I was getting excited that we were getting some kind of news. :P

narutogameking2538d ago

Is this the same twitter account that was proved fake?
You know the one that fooled people into thinking Bloody Roar 5 was in development.

SuperZambezi2538d ago

Yep. Sucks that someone would pull something like that.

ThatArtGuy2538d ago

I thought Hudson was shut down.

NuLL22538d ago

They closed the American branch of Hudson. Hudson Soft is a subsidiary of Konami.