British Media Regulator Investigating Misuse of Video Game Footage As "Secret IRA Terrorism Footage"

British communications regulator Ofcom is investigating how a UK documentary examining possible connections between Muammar Gaddafi and the IRA confused video game play for actual IRA footage of a helicopter being shot down.

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StealthyRay2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Bohemia Interactive must be flattered.

How long do you think we'll see true to life graphics in games? I've been wondering since the 90's.

Somebody2499d ago

Maybe they already have (or at least able to) but decided not to use it. First reason would be the inherent controversy. It's bad enough that parents are in uproar over links between violence and games (thanks GTA) and a Norwegian used CoD to "practice" his plan to shoot some campers, imagine the catastrophic repercussions when games suddenly allow you to shoot some guy that looked so real!

Even if they do allow such games to be released I'm sure that there won't be any mod tools allowed. Just look at this IRA video mess. Some mods, camera postions and add some grain filter and shaking features are enough to fool the non-gamer viewers.

Look again at the Mid East current rage : rebellions, protests and uprisings. A realistic game mod showing one Libyan/Syrian/Iranian/Israeli/ American soldier shooting some demonstrating kids would be enough to send the whole region into turmoil. The Loch Ness monster picture and Bigfoot video were blurry and grainy but yet people still believed them to authentic.