Battlefield 3 vs. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: A Multiplayer Comparison

GameFront, "In a world where one military shooter reigns supreme, a rival upstart and its zealous cult followers hope to topple its rule. Slightly less dramatic but no less ridiculous is the on-going battle for dominance in the multiplayer shooter market. The contenders: Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, fighting under the banner of Activision and the current leader with a million gajillion active players on every platform. The challenger: DICE’s Battlefield 3, under the Electronic Arts banner, and a seasoned (though PC-centric) warrior in its own right."

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d0nT wOrrY2542d ago

I'm tired of this thing

JBSleek2542d ago

This is worse than Democrats vs Republicans.

ElDorado2542d ago

Seriously I hate you, why did you post this? Anything for attention huh? Unbelievable people nowadays. There have been so many comparisons, but you want to compare it for yourself, does that make your life better or something. Both FPS, very different styles of gameplay, period.

MoXxXi2542d ago

Another? Ugh! so old...why did this get approved?

SKUD2542d ago

Though I agree with you. This is actually keeping with N4G tradition. The madness continues.

hades072542d ago

As much as I am sick of these articles, this was one of the better MW3 vs. BF3 articles so far. It actually tries to educate a newcomer to either series about what they maybe getting themselves into. I have only played Bad Company 2 out of all the Battlefield games, played every CoD on the 360, have BF3 pre-ordered and felt like this article helped get me excited about both games.

But please people, don't approve anymore articles like this.

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