Uncharted 3 Comes to PlayStation Home

IGN: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is less than a month away, but that doesn't make the wait any easier. Luckily, Sony feels your pain and is bringing Uncharted 3 to PlayStation Home -- or at least a taste of it.

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xtheownerzx2473d ago

LOL i find it funny that the space is Yemen a map that hardly comes up when playing online LOL. Nice stuff

Redempteur2473d ago

actually yemen was a map praised with his verticality and open spaces during the first open beta ... it's a great choice

rezzah2473d ago

No, at least not in the cave that you live in.

Godmars2902473d ago

That *really* has me wondering what they'll be able to do in Home after the revamp.

sikbeta2473d ago

Some sites were saying that home will be more like a MMO (free) or something that has more to do with gaming rather than the plaza and stuff like that...

negroguy2473d ago

I tried it again just yesterday after almost a year of not playing and it has made some huge changes. The amount of games they have in there is a decent selection. Now with FPS added im intrigued to see what else they will put in here.

Biggest2473d ago

Home is seriously improved. A few of the games in Home are more interesting than recently released retail games. It's basically a f2p MMO now.


I have to try it again, the last time I was in Home was around mid 2009! The only game I played over Home was Xi (mindf***!), I didn't even played Sodium.

The thing is my region should receive Home soon (I only used on foreign accounts before) so I'm kind of expecting for it as I want to concentrate all my gaming on one account.

But man, look at this video, Home has come really far.

SonyStyled2473d ago

if you actually buy some tickets for the carnival games itll keep ya busy for a did for me

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