BootHammer: Top 10 Candy Bars to Enjoy While Gaming

Join us at BootHammer as we crunch our way through the Top Ten Candy Bars to enjoy while gaming.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2505d ago

Eating and gaming at the same time....something I dont like to do and dont understand why anyone would do that. Drinking drinks and smoking the herb while playing, now thats another story.

aslo, dark/demon's souls has no pause, cant eat during that ahhahaa. I have a bunch of extra game time from my guy just standing still in a safe area while I go to the bathroom, eat, take out the dog or smoke some cigs or somethings like that. One time I came back and my guy had been killed tho :(

BootHammer2505d ago

Now you gotta have a nice selection of refreshments in the mini fridge and some candy nearby to keep that sugar buzz =)

Yeah it's best to pause the game or find a safe haven to lay low at when grabbing that snack or drink. And you are right, regarding Dark or Demon Souls goes, you best keep your eyes glued to the TV and forget about anything else, haha.

BootHammer2505d ago

You gotta love Baby J brotha ;)

Esperino2505d ago

You Yanks get all the best candy bars. :( Personally I love Junior Mints ;)

Kramer: Who's gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It's chocolate, it's peppermint-- it's *delicious*!

BootHammer2505d ago

Seinfeld is one the best...we are a big fan of the Junior mints too. They can't be denied.

Check out the 1:27 mark ;) We hear ya brotha!