Dead Rising 2: Off The Record-Sandboxing

TGH: "The Dead Rising series has always been strictly a timed affair. From start to finish the player has to explore the area, save any survivors they can, work through the plot and kill any psychopaths standing in your way. If you wanted to derail from this and allow every single survivor to die and neglect the story you had to dedicate an entire playthrough or New Game + to it. Well, Off The Record is set to change all that with Sandbox Mode."

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kma2k2475d ago

if sanbox isnt part of the story its still a fail. The creators just simply dont understand what people want. I wont play this game because they failed to make what people want. They should follow what Fallout: New Vegas did make a hardcore mode for the dedicated people who like it that way & give them a big achivement for it. Make the non auto save & the timed parts of the story OPTIONAL. Its really that simple!

trikster402475d ago

I don't quite get what you are getting at here. They are giving people two different ways to play the game, and tying them together. They didn't give people a "big achievement" for finishing hardcore mode in FO:NV - they give them ONE achievement.

I loved DR2, and I was iffy on this until this article. Now I can't wait for the sandbox mode to play with my friend.

kma2k2475d ago

My complaint is they are seperating sandbox & campaign. Im just saying the bases of this game is its estenially a sandbox zombie killing game but they are taking out the sandbox aspect of it. Making the campaing sandbox would make this game MUCH more popular. Im just saying some people which is a small part want the time limit & non auto saves, it just makes sense to have that as an option & not mandatory. Well give people either a gold trophy for hardcore or a 50 gamerscore acheivment. Le the people who want this have there trophy for it, but the rest of us play a freakin sandbox zombie game that has a story, not a throw in after the fact. I know quite a few people who feel the exact same way about this game. Simple fix would make this series great!

trikster402475d ago

It still has a single player campaign with the time limit and everything. The sandbox mode is new to the series. It lets you just run around and do everything that people have been complaining about for the last two games: run around and do whatever they want with no time limits. You get the best of both worlds :) And any leveling you do in one carries over to the other: bonus!

kma2k2475d ago

You just proved the point though, "It lets you just run around and do everything that people have been complaining about for the last two games" people are complaning so why not fix it?

The real truth is the fact that you & i are the only ones discussing this on what should be a AAA title is proof that the lack of sandbox campaign is what is killing this game. People have written off this game because of it. Im glad you are pasionate about it though :) so am i cause i really really want to like this game. I had so much fun in DR2 runing around killing zombies & just doing crazy stuff but ran out of time & lost my progress, i understand that the sandbox aspect is now there as an extra, but come on it should be incorporated into the campaign. If this series survives because i seriosly doubt this game will sell well & they do end up making a 3rd if they dont make it a sandbox campaign its gonna fail. Look at Red Faction people LOVED guerilla but in armagedon they took away the sandbox & the series is now over officially acording to THQ. Im just saying give us what we want capcom....but then again the last few years capcom has ZERO interest in asking what people want they just dont seem to care sad to say!

Rob9462475d ago

The sandbox mode is the only reason i'm even considering getting this game as I already own DR2.