Dark Souls seems difficult because it's more realistic

Dark Souls is difficult, but it makes a lot more sense than most RPGs.

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NagaSotuva2542d ago

I've been OK with realistic video-game deaths since Pac-Man.

choadley2542d ago

You mean giant swords shouldn't be useful in small corridors?

ShoryukenII2542d ago

I noticed that this game is the most realistic game I own. It really feels awesome to have my sword break because I kept smashing it on the wall. Most games have your sword go THROUGH the wall.

Fil1012542d ago

I've never played demon souls would it be worth getting b4 this and how big is demon souls ???

Kyosuke_Sanada2542d ago

Yes!!! It is $19.99 so anyone who haven't tried should give Demon Souls a chance now. You can buy both if you really want to because they are not really connected only gameplay-wise....

Tanir2542d ago

its worth playin demons souls, especially before they drop the online part if ur ever going to play the game.

demons souls is easier than dark souls so its a good starting point.

also its not open world (u have a choice where you wanna go, but you can choose an easier area if you need too, example world 1-1, 2-1, 3-1 etc, as compared to going to 3-4 when u still have 5-1 available.

depending on deaths, crafting and such u cud take 60-80 hours, my first play thru was 115 hours, lvl 54, barely any weapons or tendancy events,

2nd play through 21 hours, most weapons, armor and tendancy events, so again its experience, and learning how to play

FunAndGun2542d ago

Demon's Souls and Dark Souls are two completely different games, but they share the same gameplay mechanics and atmosphere. the stories are unrelated.

Demon's Souls and Dark Souls are both huge games. They are meant to be played through multiple times. I have spent well over 100 hours with Demon's Souls.

They are hard, but equally rewarding. I think Dark Souls is harder than Demon's Souls from what I have played so far.

They are definitely not games for everyone however.

Fil1012542d ago

thanks guy's, think I might go get it.

Solidus187-SCMilk2542d ago

yeah, id say it is totally worth getting before this game. Id say dark souls is alot bigger from what Ive played of it so far but demons souls is also big and can be very confusing at first. They are both amazing and pretty similar.

After playing demon's souls you will be ready to play dark souls because they are so similar. I think you will want too play both after playing one anyways, but if you didnt like it then at least demons souls is alot chaper of a trial and you wouldnt be spending 60$ on a game you dont like.

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KwietStorm2542d ago

There is nothing realistic about it. Demon's Souls and Dark Souls seem difficult because they're both old school. The vast majority of games today are several times easier than in the past because we all have handicaps by default. Regenerative health, auto saving checkpoints, generous supply of ammo/health pickups, respawning at the same boss fight but with the boss' previous damage remaining..the list goes on. That doesn't happen in Souls. You die, you start over from the beginning, how games used to be.

Solidus187-SCMilk2542d ago

ahahah I LOL at the title too. I mean just look at that picture, and undead soldier fighting a dragon.

but when I read it I thought of being more realistic means begin cursed by a giant frog and then dying and respawning at the nearest bonfire with half health until I go and buy a anti-curse tablet, that was added to the nearest merchants selling inventory with a patch, for 6000 souls.

Hicken2542d ago

And then we all died.

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