Pachter: Xbox 360 sales nearly doubled Wii in Sept., analyst says

September was another strong month for the Xbox 360, Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter wrote in a note to investors today.

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M-Easy2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

Has the Wii finally died? I for one hope so. I can't stand the casual trend it ushered in. Also i hated the fact it was a standard def system and had last gen hardware.

ElementX2472d ago

So games should only be created for the core gamer?

M-Easy2472d ago

No casual games are needed. But they should NOT shape the future of the industry. Dumbed down graphics and dumbed down gameplay hurts the core gamer. If the Wii didn't exist then maybe M$ wouldn't have sunk their entire gaming division's budget into kinect and made some real games with that money.

gamingdroid2472d ago

I don't see how casual gaming is shaping the future. If anything, hard core games have been broadened, but the biggest games of the year are still more or less hardcore.

Hicken2472d ago

You're joking, right? You can't see how the Wii's success is directly responsible for both the Move AND Kinect coming to market? You can't see how the games that became popular on the Wii now populate both consoles, or how the games with the highest sales are casual titles or those most played by casuals (I'm looking at YOU, Call of Duty)?

The Wii's pseudo exercise and sports agenda has sold hundreds of millions of copies of games, and so has the dance games it's brought to prominence.

Microsoft DOES NOT spend $500 million dollars marketing Kinect if the Wii isn't a runaway success, plain and simple.

zero_gamer2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )


The Wii is NOT responsible for the Move and Kinect. Nintendo didn't point a gun to these companies' windows and threaten to shoot at them if they wouldn't invest in motion control gaming, did they? MS and SONY chose to invest in the technology so if anything, it is MS and SONY's fault. Blaming other companies for another company's abysmal failure for a device is stupid.

Anyway, congratulations to MS for the system sales.

ShaunCameron2471d ago

@ M-Easy

Actually, if the Wii didn't exist, the industry would have been in far worse shape than it is now.

- Higher development costs. Look how many studios lost a gang of money and/or went out of business developing games for the HD consoles alone. We're living in a generation when even a game that sells a million copies isn't quite enough to recoup costs. This is the reason why many Japanese studios are now opting for the handheld market. American studios priced them out of the console market. Hence, innovation and creativity thrown out the window for safe-bets. Right now, we're seeing an industry being ran into the ground before our eyes with its oversaturation of shooter games.

- Public relations/image. The only thing worse than being stereotyped is living up to it, proving its detractors right. And Sony and Microsoft have done nothing to dispel the notion that video games are the dominion of 15-34 year old males that only play games with gory and vulgar content, giving the likes of Jack Thompson, Hillary Clinton and the state government of California a reason to try and shut the industry down.

JokesOnYou2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

M Easy its people like you that make gamers look bad, you have this arrogant-self-righteous belief that you speak for ALL gamers, casual games for wii, kinect, & move exist , yet theres still plenty of hardcore games to play, so many in fact even if you had very deep pockets you still wouldnt be able to play them all....well unless you have no life you, yet you're so selfish you still hate the fact devs make a few games for a different audience. Just look at all these great games this holiday season as an example, so much quality to choose from that I'll likely have to skip or wait for awhile before I get to play some, but you have the nerve to suggest everythings gone casual, lmfao....come up with a new excuse for hating, that BS talking point has no merit when you look at the facts, its just fanboy talk, a cop out for hating.

NiKK_4192471d ago

The Wii just has SOOO much shovelware. I think casual games are fine, but they can still be a quality game and not just thrown in to get a little money. Same with games on phones. There are just too many crappy games.

ECM0NEY2471d ago

Devs wanting to get casuals money with core game sequels is what is pissing me off.

Examples: Gears 2, movement speed was reduced and the shotgun ROF was reduced. Made rifles more powerful and added knock back. You can also plant nades.
Gears2 MP was so noob friendly (also broken) that MLG had to change basically every weapon spawn and eventually remove the game entirely.
Gears 3: the retro and sawed-off

Morrowind to Oblivion to probably Skyrim
Mass Effect 1 to 2 to probably 3
Dragon Age 1 to 2
Killzone 2 to 3

That is why casuals are ruining this gen. Plus they are uninformed and keep buying the same game over and over again.
There needs to be at the very least MP games that casuals cant just pick up and get a positive k/d ratio. Single player you can atleast change diffculty. MP your stuck with the noob friendly weapons being in the game.

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MakiManPR2472d ago

The Wii still has like 2 years Id say. Skyward Sword will be out in like a month(could be GoTY nominee)and still has some other games coming for it like Kirby's Return to DreamLand.

disturbing_flame2472d ago

You can't stand the casual trend. But actually if the 360 did so well this last year it's mostly due to KINECT.

And KINECT is about casual gaming.

Funny isn't it ?

M-Easy2472d ago

Its funny in a dead clown kind of way :(

disturbing_flame2472d ago

The show will also run on next gens. ;(

gamingdroid2472d ago

Yup, Kinect is a fine piece of technology!

No wonder it does so well....

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32471d ago

Kinect came out...not even a year ago yet. 360's sales have increased year over year before Kinect started being sold.

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_Aarix_2472d ago Show
kevnb2471d ago

You are talking about consoles, its mostly because of the casual audience that they even exist.

ShaunCameron2471d ago

Too bad the same can be said about Sony. If it wasn't for ther casual crowd, Sony's stay in the video game industry would have been about as long as Panasonic's and Philips's.

Anon19742471d ago

It's about time. I've been saying for years the Xbox 360 was ten times the gaming console the Wii was, and considering how close they were in price it just made me shake my head every time I saw the Wii so far ahead in the US. Worldwide, the 360 and Wii have been pretty much neck and neck this year as I understand it and that at least makes more sense to me. Don't get me wrong, I've always been a fan of Nintendo, but I just think the 360 is a stronger console than the Wii even if consumers didn't see it that way.

Sugreev20012471d ago

@ M-Easy

I agree,I hate the current Casual fad and blame the Wii like you do too.I do not want a former hardcore game developer,like Rare,to prioritize Casual crap like Kinectimals and such.

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zeal0us2472d ago

Still doesn't beat the Wii in overall worldwide sells. Plus the support for the Wii coming to a end, so what did you expect? Nintendo putting most of their support towards 3ds and WiiU.

Number_132472d ago

"Still doesn't beat the Wii in overall worldwide sells." Wow, tell me, is it hard being a genius?

Ryo-Hazuki2472d ago

It was the Gears of War 3 month. Of course 360 sales will be up

DaPrintz2472d ago

Ah yes. I had an original launch 360 that sat there for years after playing Gears1/2 and Halo3/Reach. This summer I booted up Gears2 to get in the mood for 3 and it red ringed on me. Naturally I had to buy a new one for gears3 and I must say, one of the best games I've played this year. It wull stay in my xbox til next gen.

otherZinc2472d ago

Wait! Resistance 3 released in September!

Yeah, I know, Resistance 3 is nowhere near a console mover.

I think the PS3 sold less than 260k & thats including the price drop.

Ryo-Hazuki2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

Why are you a fanboy? Simple question. Do you work for MS?

I can easily flip that and say PS3 sold over 120k units in Japan last month and 360 couldn't even reach the 8k mark.

1.360 has a $200 console
2. Gears of War 3 dropped/ bundle
3. Buy a pc over $600 and get FREE 360 promotion ended sept 23rd. That counts to the NPD numbers.

Truth is 360 is tough in the United States. Especially in this economy price will win over all. But world wide its a different story.

infamou3One is my gamertag btw

BrutallyBlunt2472d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

@ Ryo-Hazuki

I always find it rather amusing seeing fanboys call other people fanboys. I just checked your comment history because you guys are so easy to spot with your stealth trolling.

That article was about a $99 hard drive bundle for the XBOX 360 and what was your reply in that article?

"Well i got a 250GB HDD and free psn for $75 lol "

If it looks like a troll, acts like a troll and smells like a troll chances are they are a troll.

I'm so sick of this site and all the babbling by immature dweebs with nothing better to do. The battle is over guys. Sony failed to convince the public that they truly had a better product. The Playstation 3 is pretty much on even ground with that of the XBOX 360. They managed to get bluray out there but as a game console they are pretty much in parity with one another.

N4G is infested with Sony fanboys, that much we know. Are there XBOX 360 fanboys who also cause troubles? Of course but the vast amount compared to the two isn't even close. I'm actually embarassed to even admit I own a Playstation 3 on this site.

Tarantino_Life2471d ago

No one cares whether you are ashamed or not. Get out of N4G if you dont like it here. PS there are far more horrible xbots like GamingDroid in this site. It is nauseating with xbots coming and talking about Sales all over the place even in non sales articles.

dirtrider2471d ago Show
BrutallyBlunt2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )


They are either both successful or both failures, it's not one or the other. That's the whole point. To determine a winner between the two is idiotic and only serves to the fanboys who are irrelevant to begin with.

rob60212471d ago

Honestly, we should be questioning peoples motives on here on a regular basis; a part of the problem is that people don't. If people are not actually aware that astroturfing exists, they need to wake up.

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dirtrider2471d ago

but i thought according to those on n4g that those that wanted a 360 already bought one for gears one and halo 3????

my how things have changed, or maybe the "n4g crowd as a whole" doesn't necessarily understand how this gen is going as far as sales....

Titanz2471d ago

The Wii hasn't had a system seller for months now. All that will change once Skyward Sword arrives.

Micro_Sony2471d ago

Yup purchasing a Wii just for that game.

Too bad Nintendo does not do limited edition consoles - I would love a gold Wii with the Zelda crest on it.

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Nes_Daze2472d ago

The Wii was not meant to last either way, it's a fad because of the audience it's geared to. They are weak in terms of attention span for games. Nintendo was just smart in making a quick huge profit out of it and then ditching them first before they ditched them, lol.

death2smoochie2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

Quick profit? They outsold Sony and MS multiple times over and launched a console that made them a profit from day one....and even with sales of the Wii declining, they are still FAR ahead of either MS or Sony...and this generation as sales wise goes to the Wii. Sony and MS will not catch up to Nintendo this generation in overall sales.
From last place to first place for Nintendo.
From a business perspective, that's a huge win.

We the core/hardcore gamers will hate on the Wii but Nintendo struck the untapped market:
non/casual gamers and in so made Sony and MS bring out motion controls to try and capture some of that market-share.

The Wii has and is expanding on what the PS2 did for console gaming:
Making it even MORE mainstream then what the PS2 did. Which ironically benefits ALL gamers because it brings awareness to console games of all stripes and encourages developers to make more games FOR ALL SYSTEMS. HOW IS THIS A BAD THING?

There are PLENTY of hardcore games still left to play and incoming.
People on this site make it seem that hardcore games are gone or dying, when in fact they are thriving now more than ever. Look at the top game releases just this year alone?
Stop whining people about the Wii as hardcore/core games are here to stay.

Just a side note:
Hardcore gamers like Hardcore PC enthusiast, make up the least amount of demographics for video game consumers.

Nes_Daze2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

It's a huge win? Yes, it is if you only care about maintaining dominance for a couple of years. What do you think is gonna happen to those "gamers" that bought the wii? You think they'll buy the...WiiU?
I don't hate on Nintendo, they were smart, but they obviously aren't thinking well in terms of a long term perspective.
Wii's appeal to the casuals is not a bad thing, it's expanding gaming, great, but it's also building a confusion of what gaming is, which you can already see with the Angry Birds fans(unoriginal pointless game).

Lastly, believe me I'm not a hardcore gamer, at least not yet, my only issue is with those that call themselves gamers after they pick up a console that is destined to befriend dust particles.

DiRtY2472d ago

lol at software - estimated - sales.

Xbox 360 > PS3 + Wii + Nintendo DS.

Awesome job Gears!

Hicken2471d ago

You might wanna do some research and then recant that statement. Just sayin.

NeloAnjelo2471d ago

You got some real growing up to do.

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