Battlefield 3 - All Multiplayer Maps revealed

Battlefieldo writes:

On September 29th we posted the files names that had been datamined off the Battlefield 3 Beta Files. We can now confirm that these map names found in the Beta are, in fact, the 9 Multiplayer maps that will be shipped with Battlefield 3 on October 25th. Instead of the Maps file name, we now have the appropiate Names.

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3nnui2540d ago

Man... Seine Crossing, Kharg Island, and Damavand Peak all sound like really awesome maps.

Hufandpuf2540d ago

In Damavand Peak on Rush, there's a spawn point in which you have to base jump to reach the m-com.

Anti-Fanboyer2540d ago

I'm guessing that was the scene from the end of the first 12 minute footage.

Hufandpuf2540d ago

That was a scene from the campaign, this is in multiplayer. You can ride a helicopter down the peak, or jump.

deadpoole2539d ago

I hope and I really really hope ... that maps r not small in size.

DeadlyFire2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Worry to much. PC maps will be ample size. If you think Metro is small and want an idea of the conquest version of the map. Just look up the picture of the map and look around those boundary lines erase them and look again at the map expand it around things you can see that are solidly in place around the map.

This isn't all maps though. The 4 classic maps as well make it 13 maps in total. Not sure if those 4 will be ready for launch though. They have said nothing on when we get those maps.

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kcuthbertson2540d ago

I'm very excited about this game. While I love COD, I'm easily just as excited about something new yet familiar.

WillGuitarGuy2540d ago

The Beta ended today. I miss it already.

SITH2539d ago

Yeah, I miss my night vision thermal IR scope. And I had just unlocked the c-4 and m203 nade launcher <~which was nerfed)

Kahvipannu2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Yeah, me too. Had a lot fun with Metro, can't wait to play some "real" BF-maps^^ 13 maps including classic ones? That's a lot for launch.

0neShot2540d ago

I'll stick to the sniper class and crawl my way all over the map to find the sink holes and pave the way for the underground firefight. Air, on ground and below ground fighting would make BF3 complete.

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DAS6922539d ago

At the comments on the website... Judging map size by the names!? (and here, I thought PC gamers were a little more competent)

Ashby_JC2539d ago

Yeah I SMH when I read those comments. Some ppl are a bad way.

Eww that name sounds like a small map....WTF?

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