Burning Embers: Do Some Games Really Need Sequels?

Every Monday Ember crawls from his cave to come and deliver his opinion to you the readers. His grumpy Monday attitude fuels the fire that burns onto the screen to form the weekly article: Burning Embers. This week ember asks: Why dost thou buy numerous games that are basically the same thing? - GotGame

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samurailincoln2541d ago

I hate how everything is made to be a franchise now and days. There something to be said for a self-contained experience with a finite story. I'm also quite sick of reboots (what have they done to you my precious Syndicate?)

TurismoGTR2541d ago

I think sequels are only needed if your expanding the story like the Uncharted series.

zeal0us2541d ago

Fusion Frenzy really didn't need a sequel.
Dragon Age 1 didn't need the sequel that was put out, it needed a true successor.
Some people would argue FF13 don't need a sequel, seeing as I never played the game, I will just leave that game along.

HeavenlySnipes2541d ago

1) to fix the previous game based on user feedback
2) To add more things the developer wanted o do with the game but couldn't based on limitations (ie, success of first game gives dev enough money to expand their horizons and try to do something bigger and better the next game)

Nes_Daze2541d ago

Why not make sequels if you are getting a huge profit out of it? Blame the idiots that buy these milked games not the developers.

Ziriux2541d ago

Well said gloomy, the developer is doing it ONLY because it's bring a lot of money in, don't even say but "VALVE" Valve is doing it too with L4D they knew its a success and will keep milking on it.