Capcom's NYCC 2011 lineup - special surprises

Capcom has revealed their lineup and panels for New York Comic Con 2011, including surprises.

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criticalkare2419d ago

Some surprises? info about the new RE movie or RE6? lol..

turgore2419d ago

The surprise better be a DMC collection. Then I can die happy.

DeleteThisxx2419d ago

Guess you best start saying goodbye to loved ones.

Pozzle2419d ago

Please be a survival-horror Resident Evil 6 or Devil May Cry 5.

Hell, I'll even be happy if there's something about that new CGI Resident Evil movie. What ever happened to that?

Venox20082419d ago

new RE CG will come out in 2012..

KonaBro2419d ago

putting on football gear and playing QBs for a Tekken vs. SF football game? That's pretty cool lol.

RockmanII72419d ago

For the record, MvC3 didn't come out last year it came out this year.

RockmanII72419d ago

lolwut, why the disagree's? The article says 'last year's fighting hit' and the game came out February 15th.

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The story is too old to be commented.