Rage PC Review (GamersDailyNews)

Jim Cook writes: Rage serves two purposes, as it is both a game and a functional advertisement for the capabilities of id Software’s "id Tech 5" engine. One need only look at screenshots, videos, or watch Rage in action to see just how impressive the engine is, allowing for what appear to be very large outdoor environments with a lot of graphical detail. And this isn’t just eye candy; it can also handle a mix of creative weapons, vehicles, and general first person shooter play working alongside inventory management, allowing guns to load multiple ammunition types, and so on. This is perhaps Rage’s best asset and biggest problem, as it tries to show that the engine can be used for all sorts of things, but the game implements them to varying degrees of success. The result is a post-apocalyptic first person shooter with a lot of solid combat to enjoy, but also a lot of other things that just get in the way.

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