Kojima talks himself out of the running for 'most modest man ever' award

Gamesradar writes: "Poor Hideo Kojima. He does his best to encourage other people to achieve great things, but they always disappoint him and he ends up having to step in and do it himself. At least that's what he said at a recent talk at the University of Southern California. We appreciate the saying 'if you want something done properly, do it yourself' holds some sway, but you're not supposed to actually admit it!"

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M-Easy2506d ago

Lol Kojima is THE MAN! I can't fault him for saying this, I mean he is 100% correct.

Number_132506d ago

Does this mean he got sucked into making Rising?? Not going to complain.

Alos882505d ago

When you have a huge legion of fans calling you a genius I imagine it's hard to stay humble.

BrianC62342505d ago

More crap from crappy GamesRadar. That site is horrible.

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