I Make My Wife Play Games - ICO Edition

One man's non-game playing wife is subjected to video games. This time, it's ICO. Hear what she has to say about it in this 4-minute Audioboo clip.

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Septic2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Imagine if your wife made you watch Desperate Housewives or Jersey Shore.

I would wash my mouth with an AK47...

NewMonday2415d ago

Mine makes me watch DH and dubbed soap opras :(

mkernan2416d ago

I can agree with you on Jersey Shore..... but sadly.... I actually watch Desperate Housewives. Maybe you meant 'The Real Housewives of....', because that show is complete trash.

zeal0us2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

The real housewives of Atlanta?

Personally all those housewives shows suck, no exclusions. Just a bunch of women acting crazy(on some to most episodes) who probably are just bringing shame to their families.

I'm pretty sure he didn't tie his wife down to a chair and told if she want to get out she must play the game. After hearing this, this gave me a crazy idea.

Nevers2415d ago

I probably would not force anyone to play something. I know plenty of people who are coerced into watching crap-TV by their spouse. That goes for both sexes. And it's always a underlieing source of contention.

And I personally think ALL 'reality' TV sucks... doesn't matter what niche-crazy they televise. Lowest form of entertainment, imHo.

BushLitter2415d ago

Haha I laughed when he tells her about the game-saving feature. You can hear how proud he sounds about two characters sitting on a couch to save a game - and all she says is 'Ok' :)

Give up, my man. You either like gaming, or you don't.

_Q_2415d ago

She knows not what she does! lol Yeah dude. Dont force her. ICO doesnt appeal to many gamers overall. I personally love SotC but ICo doesnt really grab me. It happens. BTW I thought the saving was cool...