GamingBlend Review: Rage

The best games aren't always the best-looking. MineCraft attracted a cult following with crude, grainy graphics. At the opposite end of the spectrum is a title like RAGE. It's one of the most beautiful games you'll lay eyes on but it's also short on fun.

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BattleTorn2539d ago


Why does every negative review mention repetition.

Sure, if your negative the game is going to seems like a downward spiral to bordum.
But if your enjoying the game the repetition is welcomed; more, more, more!

Is RAGE as open-world as we had hoped, maybe not.

But when the reviews second complaint is repetitive gameplay, it's obvious that he was on his negative-spiral by that point; cause had he been enjoying it he would be asking for more.

EvilCackle2539d ago

Repetition is bad whether we're talking about getting punched in the face or eating ice cream cones. In the case of the latter: getting the same thing over and over, even if it's good, results in diminishing returns. Your fourth ice cream cone tastes a lot crappier than the first one.

Pintheshadows2539d ago

Repetition is gamings foundation. It will be difficult to change that. It's present in every game in every genre since the beginning. From Pac Man to Uncharted. Admittedly some devs are better at disguising it than others but it's always there. Accepting this is the first stage to pure gaming enjoyment and away from the cold hearted cynicism of youth.

Johandevries2539d ago

How poetic! ''Away from the cold hearted cynisiscm of youth, at last!''

Pintheshadows2539d ago

Yeah, I typed that and realised I sounded like a pretentious bellend. I can only apologise. I stand by the rest of the comment though.