Will 'I Am Alive' Survive As A Downloadable?

Chris from Fangwheel writes:
"The E3 of 2008 was pretty awesome, as a lot of great games were announced that year making the trade show jammed packed with quality titles. Gears of War 2, Borderlands, and Left 4 Dead are just some of the titles that were shown off that year, and one mysterious game that was announced by Ubisoft that had caught my eye. From what I could gather from the trailer, it looked to be a disaster survival game; huge earthquake hits a populated city, you survive as do others. It appeared that resources such as water would become something of a rare commodity, making survivors turn on each other. I was instantly interested in the premise of what the title could hold. With it recently being announced that I Am Alive is making the transition from retail to a downloadable title, it got me thinking; what does this mean for the disaster game?"

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CanadianTurtle2476d ago

I'm just going to summarize this game to it's core....

This game is doomed to fail!

Tanir2476d ago

yeah, no one even knows what this game plays like, looks like, and only as downloadable.... that secludes every person who doesnt have online which is a bad idea. what ever, their loss.

Quagmire2475d ago

Are you shitting me? They've release like 5 gameplay videos and trailers. Just cause you dont know what its abotu doesnt mean it wont be successful.

I for one praise unique and ambitious titles and will buy this Day 1.

BushLitter2476d ago

Not so sure. I think the move to it being downloadable might just be what this game needs to succeed.

This game has been around too long with too little information to hold the public interest. A retail release at full price may well have been disastrous.

A downloadable title at half-price? Might just work

I just want to see more of it

ATi_Elite2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

I am Alive will be buried (yes pun intended) under a barrage of quality retail releases!

you may here a faint whisper of "Help I am alive" but no one is gonna notice it while too busy playing the AAA Oct Nov and Dec Jan Feb and March titles!

better just send in the cadaver dogs for this one!

Bounkass2476d ago

Either disc or no go for me.


Don't waist your time bro... The fact that they changed what should be a major budget tittle to a downloadable one tells a lot! This is not going to be the same I am Alive people had been discussing for years now... I even foresee Move and Kinect support for this crap to sell.

matt19912476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

Is this being release as a Xbox Live arcade game or a Games on Damand like crysis/Resident Evil?

Roper3162476d ago

I'm more prone to buys games on physical media then a DL only title. I have only bought 1 DL only title for my PS3 compared to like 200 disc games. So I guess they lost my sale.