Why Are You Addicted To Achievements?

IGN writes: "Ever since the days when videogames were restricted to noisy arcades that smelled of old smoke and teenagers, they have been differentiated from other forms of entertainment by their continuous encouragement of player achievement. Back then, achievements took the form of high scores, level completions, and generally "winning", in the words of a certain actor who's a hinge short of a cat-flap."

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M-Easy2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Cheevos didn't do it for me. But trophies damn near killed me. I just recently retired from trophy whoring and honestly I don't remember how to play games anymore. Its like readjusting to life on the outside after being in prison for years.

Lol I've be institutionalized by trophies. Which is a more thought out version of the cheevo system. Hey IGN don't tell me why I'm addicted tell me how end the addiction.

MariaHelFutura2477d ago

That was one of the best comments I've ever read on n4g. Gaming is about having fun, all else is secondary. Wheather that's trophies, fanboy sh!t, hype, reviews or what platform you choose to game on.

crxss2477d ago

I'm addicted to trophies but not even phased by achievements. I won't even bother going for all the achievements for an epic game like Mass Effect 2 but if I had it on PS3 then it'd probably be platinumed already... now that I'm writing this maybe I should get all the achievements for when ME3 comes out.

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kza2477d ago

I wonder why im addicted to trophies myself sumtimes because its POINTLESS at the end of the day but it is fun and i like to get hard trophies, any1 can get a platinum but not every1 can plat Demons souls and wipeout HD.

Ren_2477d ago

Anyone can get a platinum? Not necessarily :P

Depends on the game tbh. Go plat Wipeout HD and then get back to me :)

CynicalVision2477d ago

You missed the part where he typed 'but not every1 can plat Demons souls and wipeout HD.'

kza2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Thats what i said lol

Ren_2477d ago

Na, I read it :P I was thinking more along the lines of Warhawk first and then Wipeout HD popped into my head for some strange reason xD

Rynx2477d ago

Or the Street Fighter 4 series

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2477d ago

Its the only way I'm ever getting a trophy.

WolfLeBlack2477d ago

Personally I'm not that big on Achievements. I've piled up a fair amount of them simply because of the amount of games I have to play.

But I do have a mate on my friends list who takes it a bit far at times. I remember a while back when Kane & Lynch 2 was out, me and another friend were having some fun on the multiplayer, and my Chievo addicted friend refused to come on and play with us becase it wouldn't get him any Achievements. I asked him if it was a simple case if not wanting to play with us, which was perfectly fine, but he replied that it wasn't that, he just didn't see the point if it wouldn't get him an Achievement.

M-Easy2477d ago

That was/maybe still is my exact mindset. I understand what he was going through.

WolfLeBlack2477d ago

I understand it, and I understand that it's extremely easy to become addicted. I was like that when I first started on the 360, but I quickly broke myself of the habit.

Now I'll chase down an Achievement only if I think it'll be a fun one to get, or if it's one that I think will challenge me in some way.

Rynx2477d ago

Lol same reason why I don't care to play my friend in Super Puzzle Fighter II HD for PSN.

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