DUST 514 Interview: Changing Console Shooters Forever

James Gallagher of the PlayStation Blog writes:

We haven’t heard a great deal about DUST 514 since it was shown at E3 2011, other than that it’s a first-person shooter connected to the vast sci-fi universe of PC MMO EVE Online, and that it’s coming exclusively to PlayStation 3. When developers CCP made the trip from Iceland to London to outline their vision for this new addition to their immensely popular EVE universe, I came out of the meeting amazed at the scale of the project. Suffice to say, DUST 514 is not just another shooter.

After the meeting, I interrogated Brandon Laurino, Executive Producer at CCP, to find out exactly why PlayStation 3 owners should be getting excited.

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Godmars2902506d ago

This should be on any and all consoles that can handle it. Not just the PS3.

Ares902506d ago

you know, devs wanted that
but if you've read articles about valve-steam issues with microsoft, then I'll guess you'll find a reason why it's a ps3 exclusive.

OllieBoy2506d ago

Blame MS's ridiculous policies for that.

It'll probably eventually come to PC, though. I'm glad they're focusing on one platform for now.

Sunhammer2506d ago

Didn't CCP themselves say that keeping this exclusive to PS3 would be less risky and would keep EVE players on EVE, rather than alienating the fan bases?

They also said it's easier working with one platform because they don't have to make any cuts or compromises, just like all PS3/360 games. It's how you know they care about quality. I'm sure Sony had a hand in this as well, but a PC release shouldn't be completely out of the question, I don't think.

Godmars2902506d ago

I still think that the "console wars" would give it automatic depth and factions you'd have to work around.

Then again, that thing with the gown man tracking down the trash talking 13 year old probably proves me wrong. That you could have instances where PS3 or 360 gamers are actively hunting themselves in the real world.

rob60212506d ago

I wonder if MS is scared to do cross platform online, because PS3 gamers will inform xbox live players quite readily, and joke about the fact that xbox live players have to pay to go online. Information to your base is your enemy when you're running a scam.

DeadlyFire2506d ago

Microsoft has Xbox Live locked down. So its their fault X360 isn't getting in on this action.

PC though at some point probably 6 months later will have its own Dust 514 experience.

The thing that surprises me the most is that this is all still going to be run on the same server. So its all in one game lobby pretty much. I love this.

morganfell2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

As an Eve player for several years I am thrilled this is coming to the PS3 in it's groundbreaking form. When we talk about next generation play, this planned interaction easily falls into that category.

younglj012506d ago

So let me get this straight instead of playing on certain maps.We are going to be able too fight on a whole freaking planet.

I wonder if we will be able too see tha whole scope of tha game?And if we would be able too travel through space too fight on an different plant?

Dust514 and MAG 2 is going too be freaking awesome...

caboose322506d ago

The creators of this have a game called EVE on pc thats a space mmo. So what they are doing is basically combining these to games together so the pc players will be in space having space ship battles and ps3 players will be on the planets fighting ground wars, and they can both support each other in real time.

younglj012506d ago

yes I heard about EVE.My question about space travel is from tha video.You see troops coming from above invading an certain planet.

Thats why I'm thinking that EVE players will have too transport us too different planets.Which would be cool think about being on an EVE player ship fighting just too get past other EVE players.

And if they destroy an EVE player ship it also kills PS3 players now that would really be awesome.

caboose322506d ago

Umm I think the footage of space in the video is of EVE gameplay, so I have no idea how it will work out. It's going to be VERY interesting to see how they pull this off.

younglj012506d ago

This could be a sleeper title kind of like MAG.

1500+ hours and still going strong ;)

Got friends with 2000-2500 hours now that hardcore.

SH0CKW4VE2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I really like the idea and I wonder or not if it is to ambitious?

But judging by their previous games EVE Online.....well I basically opened the galaxy map and wanted to cry.