Recent Job Listings Confirm That Guerrilla Games’ New IP Is a First Person Shooter

Since word got out that the makers of the Killzone franchise were hard at work on a new IP rumors indicated that the studio was sticking with a familiar genre for the unannounced title. Recent job openings listed on GG’s website echoes these claims as the studio is currently looking to recruit those experienced with the first person shooter genre as well as multiplayer modes.

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Objective2538d ago

Does this mean they are giving up on Killzone?

yesmynameissumo2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

What would make you think they're giving up on Killzone? The games (PS3/PSP) have been successful. Seems like they want to branch out and try other thing in the FPS genre.

I'd love to see another Killzone Liberation type game...on the PS3.

Sunhammer2538d ago

Their new IP is about mechs and will be running on a 2.0 version of their engine. Think Exo suit, and will be their last PS3 game.

Commander_TK2538d ago

Hopefully it's a different kind of shooter.

Outside_ofthe_Box2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

I really hope they do not try and make their game accessible with this new IP. They did that with KZ3 and it turned out horrible. KZ went from a unique FPS to your typical camp and first sight first kill shooter.

KZ2 is the best FPS I have played this gen. I haven't had this much fun with a FPS since Counter Strike. With KZ3 they tried to make it like popular FPSs like CoD and BF.

They removed server list because "people couldn't read them" lol. Tactical Spawn Points sounded good on paper, but in the end it was horribly implemented. Spawn Grenades were good and unique. All Guerrilla Games had to do was tweek it.

The controls were actually better in KZ3 but the guns (which weren't necessarily worse than KZ2) were just was no longer unique. The guns had very low recoil and very low bullet spread. As a result of more accurate weapons people were getting kills with ease. In KZ2 the recoil and bullet spread were so substantial that you actually had to be conscious of it. You couldn't just hold the trigger and hope that 4 bullets would hit your target(the amount of bullets needed to kill someone with the M82). You had to shoot in bursts to take down your opponent quickly. The good players in Killzone 2 can take you down just as fast as you would in any other shooter.

Boy was KZ2 a great unique shooter. KZ3 is just average now with a bunch of balancing issues such as classes, ribbons, and such.

I really hope with GG's new IP they go the Killzone 2 route in uniqueness and not the casual accessible route that they did with KZ3.

MariaHelFutura2538d ago

Or taking a break. Either way, I'm good.

LOGICWINS2538d ago

No, but it makes me think that KZ4 won't be out next year since it seems like they're concentrating on this new IP.

Deputydon2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

I'm probably going to get yelled at for this, but honestly I don't really care what they do.

I love Killzone. I really do, I remember renting the first game on PS2 about 10 or 11 different times because I thought it was awesome (I was too young to afford to buy it). I played that game online and loved it. Then, after such a long wait, Killzone 2 arrived and I loved every single thing about it. The single player I actually enjoyed. I know the general idea is the same as many other movies or games, but I loved the art direction the game took. I've always been a fan of games or movies making you think you're actually rooting for the wrong team, and with Killzone 1 and 2 they definitely hinted at that.

Killzone 2 multiplayer is still the most time I've ever spent with an online FPS outside of Counter Strike 1.6. I was in several clans that actually played the game how it was meant to be played. I was well known by the biggest players and clans in the game. I've had my fair share of trash talk with all of them as well as my clan fought them.

The game was damn near perfect. Perfect clan system (probably the best I've ever seen in an FPS, including PC shooters). Amazing graphics (at the time, better than anything on PC aside from Crysis). The classes were amazing, the guns were pretty good, and the servers, for the most part, where lag free.

Then they ruined it. They patched the game so that spawn protection was off of the spawn grenades. This led to people just putting c4 on the spawn, which made playing in a public game completely impossible. What they should have done, was simply add boundries for the spawn nades so that they couldn't be placed within a certain range of an objective. Wouldn't have been difficult to implement, and would have fixed their issue, without ruining their own spawn system.

Then Killzone 3 comes out. The graphics. Awesome. The change to the guns, pretty damn good. The single player, I actually did still love. More than KZ2. But I just wish they would have actually gone that route I mentioned earlier. That actually made me wonder if I was rooting for the right team. They didn't. Instead we got two old helghast guys arguing about which one is right, and I stopped caring. All about the helghast, I wanted the gun back in my hand so I could kill every last one of them.

The multiplayer. Sigh, the multiplayer. They took the brilliant spawning system and changed it. They basically said, 'Casual players didn't seem to ever understand how Spawn grenades worked. They always seemed to throw them the wrong direction, which caused a lot of unnecessary deaths. For this reason, we are going to be changing how this system works, and no more spawn grenades.'

Deputydon2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Part 2:

Okay so you blamed the player. Interestingly enough, in KZ2 BEFORE they changed the no spawn protection, spawn grenades were fine. Yes, players they didn't know what they were doing did put them in the wrong direction. But that didn't matter. I could spawn and turn around before the protection wore off. It was fine. It worked. And most of all, it wasn't instant death for me every single time I tried to spawn outside of home base.

Instead, they made it was the tactician is constantly playing a game of capture and hold. So when the actual C&H game mode was up, the tact has 6 obj markers around his screen. So when the other team gets all the spawn points in a map. It's pretty much an insta lose for the other team. They changed the brilliant spawn system because players didn't know how to use it, and they changed it to an incredibly bad system and ruined their amazing game.

I'll keep my eye on GG, because I want them to redeem themselves. But their only other game outside of Killzone, was Shellshock: Nam '67. And that was a terrible game.

Apocwhen2538d ago

I agree with what you said about KZ2. It had a fantastic MP component that is still unmatched on a console.

For me, KZ2 MP is a much better game than KZ3 MP.
I don't know what happened with KZ3. They took everything that was so good with KZ2 such as the clan system, the custom games, the way you could watch 2D playbacks of your recent matches from, and the in-game server browser and removed them all from KZ3.

Eventually, after enough of the community complained we got some form of custom games back but this stuff should have been there since launch and I feel KZ lost a portion of its online community as a result.

ShoryukenII2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

I heard somewhere that they are taking their time with Killzone 4. They are taking a break with this new IP but they have a small team working on Killzone 4 right now (for PS4 I assume). They said that they aren't happy with Killzone 3 (they were rushed) and that they want that creative ambition they had with Killzone 2. I guess they mean that they want a LOT more time (like Killzone 2). I remember that Killzone 2 trailer back in 2005. No one believed they could do it but looking back now, it looks kind of crappy compared to Killzone 2.

But this is something that I heard from someone, who's friend told him. So it may not be reliable. But it sounds real to me and I am hopeful. So I believe it. If it is true, Killzone 4 may be what Killzone 3 should've been: a true sequel to the amazing Killzone 2.

Edit: I just read the article and their description sounds a lot like Killzone. Missions and player abilites especially stand out for me.

BattleAxe2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Well Deputydon, you're far more generous than I when it comes to the killzone series.

Killzone 1

Killzone 1 was mediocre. The repetitive sounds and voices throughout the game ruined the atmosphere for me. The graphics were some of the best on PS2 though. I didn't care much for multiplayer as everyone seemed to use grenade launchers all the time, which is just no fun.

Killzone 2

Killzone2 was good. The graphics were the highlight of this game for sure. The single player campaign was ok, it was fairly long and it was challenging which was good. The multiplayer wasn't great, and for some reason fans of the game liked everything about KZ2's multiplayer. I didn't like the custom rooms because people made the games way way too long. I don't want to play a match for 45 minutes or an hour, which is what every single room was like.

It didn't seem like many people bought the map packs, so you would rarely see any of those maps in the custom rooms, but what you would see in every single other room was RADEC ACADEMY over and over again. I like variety when I'm playing multiplayer, and when you make all the rooms custom, people abuse these things. Theres always people who love to play a certain map over and over and over again, and this is what I hated about KZ2 multiplayer.

Most of my friends didn't bother picking up KZ2 because of.....yes, the controls. Most of my friends are the SOCOM, Battlefield, Call of Duty types, so it kind of sucked that they wouldn't buy the game because of that. I thought the controls were ok after i got used to them, but it was a poor decision on GG's part, and because of that the community was never that big. Whenever I was online playing Killzone 2, there was never more then 200-300 people online at any one time, which is very poor for a game that was supposed to be a "Halo Killer".

BattleAxe2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Killzone 3

So with this game, again the graphics were awesome, and I personally liked how they tweaked the controls. I thought that the Call of Duty style of map rotation was a good move, although it wasn't implemented properly as once again, I would always seem to end up in a room where out of the 8 maps you could choose from, people would pick the same 3 maps over and over again. Also the bug where if you chose a map that was a download map, the room wouldn't let you pick a different map after the match was over, it just kept replaying the map. I'm not sure if they ever fixed the map rotation or not.

When you're competing with the other big shooters out there, what would help sell the game?...Maps and Game Modes. CoD games usually come with around 16 maps on release day and around 12 game modes along with co-op. What did KZ3 come with? 8 maps and 3 game modes, and if you pre-ordered the game like I did, then you got 2 extra maps. I was so bored of this game by around the second month I had it. I wasn't happy that GG refused to put online co-op in the game, and it was a mystery to me and everyone else as to why they would release an awesome game mode called "Operations Mode", and then come out and say that they will not be supporting that game mode with any more content. I think that part of the reason why CoD games do so well is because they pack so much content into the game from day one, and it takes quite a while before you're bored with the multiplayer maps they supply with the game, and then you've got co-op to keep you busy.

The single player campaign was a bit better then the first in terms of having more diverse locations, but it was too short, and the ending of the game was so poorly done I couldn't believe it. These guys have a multi million dollar budget, and this was all they could come up with.....please. Barely any online content and a short single player campaign....what the f*** were these guys doing for 2 years before they released this game?? the game engine was already there for them to start building KZ3, so I just don't understand how they could come out with such a piss poor product like this. GG is a studio that massively under achieves, and while they make some great graphical spectacles, they will never make a "Triple A" games. They haven't made one after 3 tries and with millions and millions of dollars behind them it just doesn't make any sense.

-Alpha2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Thank you Deputydon!

I've been bitching about Killzone 3 ever since the beta, I hated the direction they were taking it. They sucked the soul out of Killzone and what's worse, they somehow took major steps back in overall MP content. Unbelievable.

I loved Killzone 2, but always felt it had a few major issues. Instead of fixing them, GG decided to do some insanely dumb things by introducing new problems in place of old ones. For example, of all the well thought out suggestions made about spawn grenades, they took it all out for a horrible capture and hold system.

I pray that Killzone 4 goes back to K2 roots

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dangert122538d ago

no not ginvg up kz just taking a break til ps4

xAlmostPro2538d ago

Im hoping a new innovative FPS thats as good looking as kz3 with envirmonets that can be blown to dust :D

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remanutd552538d ago

another one ? come on my ps3 is gonna fire real bullets one of these days , why they dont make an action/adventure game , nah another fps bah

Rage_S902538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

I agree i want something different, wasn't there a rumor about them doing something in a fantasy setting.

MariaHelFutura2538d ago

A horror fps from GG would be awesome or something like Bioshock.

nondecaf2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

There was an article not to long a go with one of the designers who wanted to make a cabela hunt type game with dinosaurs being the main focus. I don't know how to put on here but if you type shooting dinosaur n4g it might what this guy is referring to.

LOGICWINS2538d ago

You want an action/adventure game, play Uncharted/Tomb Raider. You want FPS games, Guerillas got your back.

remanutd552538d ago

i love Killzone online , i really do but come on i want them to try to do something different , anyways i think im asking too much , well its up to David Cage and Media Molecule to try and do different stuff i guess

dangert122538d ago

Because they need something to fill the viod since kz is going to and they want to try a new universe...

If your ps3 is going to fire real bullets you have too many other shooting games,

ps3 really does have a diverse portfolio

remanutd552538d ago

i do have a very diverse gaming library ,i just wanted them to try and make something outside the fps genre thats all

detroitmademe2538d ago

Thats kool,hopefully with the new ip comes innovative&refreshing gameplay mechanics.

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