Xbox 360 Kinect’s First 4-Player Simultaneous Game Launches Tomorrow

When the Xbox 360 Kinect full-body motion-control device launched late last year, much was made of the fact that only two players were able to partake in any of the videogame titles available at the time. The rumours suggesting that the device couldn’t handle analysing any more than two human positions will be laid to rest tomorrow however, as Kinect receives it’s first four-player simultaneous release.

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Tarantino_Life2473d ago

Wow! Awesome! Cant wait to shake my ass in front of the tv. Its what I always wanted to do when I started gaming. Thank you Kinect

Systematrix2473d ago

Enough with the dance games already.

mcstorm2473d ago

Well ms said it could handle more than 2 people at a time and now tha just dance dose this i might get it over dance cemtral as it means more than 2 of us can play the game.

Yes its not a core game but games like this are a laff when you have family or friends round and beats watching crap tv.

cstyle2469d ago

Great....kinect is just awesome. I'l be getting this game.