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Ever since its announcement at E3, Hitman fans have been worried about the direction Hitman Absolution has been going. Snippets of information and small clips have come out which didn’t do much to rest those fears, so IO Interactive have now released a full uncut walkthrough of the mission shown behind E3 doors; ‘Run For Your Life’.

As a long term Hitman fan, the video is exciting, simply to see Agent 47 back in action, but also very, very worrying.

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Drazz2541d ago

Trailer was awesome, game looks sik, I'm buying it day 1.

iamnsuperman2541d ago

It does but I couldn't help noticed like the whole thing was one scripted event with not deviation. It could have been a cut seen with everything connecting and being timed to perfection.

CoD5112541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I'd disagree with it being assassinated. It looks good though scripted, though if the dev's re-assurances are anything to go by, it's all player choice and none of what's shown is necessary. Disagree with a lot of what the article is saying and it's being completely contradictory to what devs have said. Either way, it's going to be an interesting ride next year, that's for sure...

turgore2541d ago

Remember this is the first level. Hopefully the next levels really open up. It was the same in blood money.

BigBoss072541d ago

I believe its scripted because its a demo and its more than likely the tutorial mission like the rest of the Hitman games. The only thing that bother me is the vision to see enemies movements and see through walls, but I heard a rumor it can be turned off or its not included in the hard difficulty. Either way, I'm super pumped.

bronxsta2541d ago

Personally I prefer it to the map.

Remember 47's not really seeing through walls. He's just using his vast experience and skills to judge enemy behavior. IMO using the map was cumbersone and kind of ruined the pacing.

Instinct just streamlines that while giving you the same data: enemy locations, their routes, etc.