Rockstar: "Max Payne 3 Special Gameplay Demo at New York Comic Con 2011"

Rockstar have announced they'll be giving a 'Special Gameplay Demo' of Max Payne 3 at New York Comic Con 2011:

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GirlsGeneration2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Nice can't wait to see some gameplay for this, i love Max Payne 1, "is this the Payne residents?" lol i love that line in the beginning of the game.

Reborn2535d ago

This should be interesting to watch.

Marney12535d ago

It won't be a hands on experience but I'm sure it will bring some welcome insight into how the gameplay will look and feel.

pr0digyZA2535d ago

Awesome, lets hope they don't pull out at the last minute again.