Nintendo launch 'We are WiiWare' website

Nintendo Universe writes:

Nintendo of Europe have today launched a new website to help Wii owners choose the very best WiiWare software to purchase, aptly titled 'We are WiiWare.'

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Az1mov2416d ago

And 'wii are not interested'

maniacmayhem2416d ago

what happened to WiiWare?

While xbl and psn get great downloadable games that are exclusive and multi articles on n4g.

You hardly hear anything GOOD that is coming to WiiWare.
I remember a loooong...loooong....loooong time ago when WiiWare was announced it was going to be the xbl killer!

oh well, maybe WiiU will get it right.

Az1mov2416d ago

I hardly doubt the WiiU would get anything right at all... Welcome to the fierce ps3 and x360 ports

gypsygib2416d ago

Wow, Nintendo did some related to the internet, color am surprised.

PooEgg2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

This would have been great three years ago, now I don't really care.