Modern Warfare 3: Update concerns after Activision's neglect

Let's face it most of the people reading this will buy MW3 and enjoy it, but should we keep buying games from a publisher who soon forgets about past titles? Today we look into how World at War has been neglected and now less than 3 years after its release hackers are constantly exploiting games.

Should Activison do more to ensure that dev teams properly support past titles so they remain playable? Or do you think that this is all part of the plan to make new titles more appealing?

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iamnsuperman2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

Well lets look at it from a business stand point. Supporting WAW which is going on 3 years old now you have to ask yourself why should Activision support the game? I am not sure how many publishers nor developers support a 3 year old game especially when there have been 2 other (3rd coming soon) games since WAW. Business wise it make no sense to support the game and come to think about it logically it make no sense to keep supporting WAW

Hufandpuf2474d ago

There are many developers that support their games way past launch. It's sad to see a company (with more than 2 devs) stop supporting their games.

Dice for instance, released a patch for bf2 and made every DLC for it free last year, and the game is 6 years old.

iamnsuperman2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

"Dice for instance, released a patch for bf2 and made every DLC for it free last year, and the game is 6 years old."
But that's not the same. DICE gave the content free in 2009 which originally came out in 2006. Granted the latest patch came out in 2009 which shows support but it isn't like another BF came out after BF2. The spin off are not the same game. There is a vast difference between BF2 and BC (games) and WAW and MW2, BO (with the latter being some of the highest selling games ever). When a sequel comes out the lack of support drops and for a 3 year old game it is not a big shock

raytraceme2474d ago

If bc and bc2 are "spinoffs and not the same things", then what the bloody hell is black ops to mw3? A bloody sequel? And anyways cod is really the only game that has problems with hackers on console. And it should be activision's duty to fix it no matter how old the game is because thousands of people still play their past cod games.

evrfighter2474d ago

Counterstrike is still constantly being updated. Tf2 is as fresh and innovative today as it was in 2007.

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AtomicGerbil2474d ago

While it's still popular they should support it.

If they intend to give up support for a title then they should stop making online multiplayer games. They are made to be replayable for some time to make up for the lack of a substantial campaign.

Besides, with the billions they have made on CoD I am disgusted with the support all CoD titles do or don't get.

theseeder2474d ago

Despite its problems WaW is still the 20th most popular game on Xbox Live - I agree business wise it makes no sense to support it, but that's like saying Windows Vista is not a priority for Microsoft so it should be left open for exploits. We should want new games because they are better (which they usually are), not because the old games are ruined due to neglect.

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narutogameking2474d ago

Activision can't keep supporint COD4/MW2/WaW/Black OPs/MW3 at the same time. Sure they can keep the servers up and running but the hacks and stuff isn't their problem. PEOPLE ACTUALLY COMPLAIN ABOUT PATCHES. So yeah it makes sense for older games to get less and less support over time especially a new COD game comes out each year.

Why would you want to keep playing a 3-year old COD game anyway? Time to upgrade dude. Everyone else did!

banner2474d ago

I have been saying all year round I wasn't buy mw3 and havnt played ops multiplayer till recent and had it since launch. After playing ops online I must say its so much fun and wish I started playing it a long time ago.

I also tried kz3 multi over the weekend for the first time since launch and just couldn't get into it the control just feels so damn loose! And the graphics didn't do much for me either I expected better.

Been playing gears3 too and while that's fun its just not as fun as ops, just my opinion! I'm getting mw3 and I really think ppl on here hate this game cause it on top and that's how things usually r when your on top.

I was really surprised how much smoother ops feels over kz3 though I really wasn't expecting that. And don't come with the " you need skills for kz3" crap my first game I came in second in warzone with over 20 kills leveled up damn near 3 times in the first game. Its just another run and gun like ops. The only game I think you really need skills for is gears 3 and uc2. Esp. Gears 3 but they have to get rid of that damn sawed off!

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