360 Magazine: John Carmack’s Fave Thing About Rage

And why [gasp!] we don’t agree with him.

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Dailynch2234d ago

I don't believe it! (Reads article) Oh, yeah, that sounds about right.

DaveX3602234d ago

I want to see the graphics inside John Carmack's head.

jimmins2234d ago

They're all of raincoats for automobiles.

Biglet2234d ago

Honestly, my jaw dropped in the Dead City: I couldn't believe id had let one of the best sections of the game (in terms of atmosphere/pacing etc.) take such a massive graphical nosedive.

ForROME2234d ago

RAAAGGGEEE racer......

ForROME2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Well, I was mocking it, since Rage has racing, I thought it would be funny.....

PS: I loved that game back in the day as well, it was insane esp if you got the night rider car

Fishy Fingers2234d ago

Post release patching by chance? No? Surprising.

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SageHonor2234d ago

I shouldnt have bought this shit. 8GB out of my harddrive and it has these issues -_-.. not to mention the game is kinda boring and very inconsistent. DARK SOULS is way better

Impaler2234d ago

Because they are so much alike amirite?

SageHonor2234d ago

No, but i enjoy Dark Souls much more.