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Submitted by Nostradavis 3004d ago | review

Ripten: Mass Effect Review

Via Ripten:

"Let's start with what is incredible about Mass Effect. As a child of the 80's, I was reared on The Black Hole, Blade Runner, The Last Starfighter, and Enemy Mine - a mix of cult classics and lovable garbage that tried to capture the public's imagination between Star Wars episodes 4-6." (Mass Effect, Xbox 360) 8.3/10

toughNAME  +   3004d ago
Nostradavis  +   3004d ago
whatever that means.
mesh1  +   3004d ago
they keep saying action game this will start a trend that all rpgs wil have to be turn baded from knwo on the keep staing i ur a an rpg fan this game is amust have but if ur a shooter fan wait lol its a rpg for gods sake this si what u get with these nxt gen mad that were created when these next gen console cameou they are brain lessps i dontt care about console but i knwo a great game when i see 1 mass effect goty
dhammalama  +   3004d ago
Is that English you are speaking?
Anyway, ME looks to be a killer app. I really like the idea of this kind of RPG. Can't wait to pick it up.
jaja1434  +   3004d ago
ok really, what the hell was that? I know it's some form of bastardized English but yesh.
Shaka2K6  +   3004d ago
a mix of cult classics and lovable garbage that tried to capture the public’s imagination between Star Wars episodes 4-6."
Star wars rip-off.
ass effect flops hard.
ArmrdChaos  +   3004d ago
You mean like...
Uncharted: The sex change of Lara Croft.

Might want to check the overall average score before showing off your true intellect...or lack thereof.
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goldenzealot  +   3004d ago
this game is going to make the ps3 fanboys cry cause they dont have it
iceice123  +   3004d ago
They have been crying
Ever since the 360 launched with PDZ and PGR3. They've got nothing.

Funny blind little lemming below. They both average in 8s..PDZ average is 80% and PGR3 average is 88%. That's as good and better than anything on the ps3. Now if pgr3 is trash by your standards you must hate every ps3 game there is. It is so fun to trap you idiot lemmings like this :)
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gamesR4fun  +   3004d ago
lol @ the xbot
got it played it still gona play it more Personally I think the story is the selling point on this title. Graphics could've been great but they obviously were to ambitious for the hardware. ME limps along at well below 30 fps for most of the game load times are insane and watching the draw ins every time you go anywheres sucks. The gameplay tries to appeal to both rpg and shooter fans but fails on both counts. The great duck and cover action is ruined by the automatic pause action and the rpg elements are superficial at best. Anyone who actually makes it far enough in this game will be able to tell you about the worlds stupidest vehicle your forced to drive around in this game for endless painful hours... Still has some inspired art and gripping story that might justify a 7/10 imo

@ the other xbot Funny someone should mention pgr3 just tried it tonight and what a joke crap graphics the tracks look more like pole racer. No wonder my dad gave it to us cant think of anyone who'd pay for it...
Fact is nothing on the 360 comes close to Motorstorm or R/fom let alone r/c tod or uncharted. Plus we just got a fix for Ac on the ps3 hows the even glitchier 360 version holding out?
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dhammalama  +   3004d ago
STFU asswipe. There are lots of great game on the PS3. Don't quote reviews you b!tch. You want to play the best games? Buy a ps3, 360, and a Wii. If you can't, get another job or just shut the fuk up .
remix  +   3004d ago
paragraph of the day is (rolls drums) HAHAAH I GOT A NEW NAME FOR IT. coma effect - it puts you in
Mass Effect has so many conversations, side-quests, details and monotony that it can be boring, or worse, coma inducing. Casual gamers need not apply. Battles are so few and far between, that it won’t take long for you to wonder if you accidentally purchased the “My Dinner with Andre” video game that Martin Prince once played on The Simpsons.

You have to constantly check journals, talk to people, fetch more items, and talk some more before finally someone will draw a gun and cause a 23 second battle. More action does eventually follow, but it takes a good 5+ hours before you can even planet-hop and take on some real challenges.

I don’t know about you, but 5 hours just to get the ball rolling on a game is 5 hours I typically don’t have. Bioware is telling a long tale here, which is pretty good but takes its sweet time getting the plot across to any players left awake. That is the deciding factor

hahahhahahahaahahahaha if the gameplay has enought bugs, why would i wanna wait 5 hours before
quote of the day is (rolls drums)
uncharted is too hard so were taking off points.

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mesh1  +   3004d ago
mm strange why is all the 8= score mass effect got are on the front page and thyey are quite few like 3 reviewrs out of 23 gave it a 8.0/8.4/8.5 while other gave it a perfect score but back to the subeject why are all th elow scares on the front pages ?this site shud be called newforsony ps mass effect is still 93/% gamerankings so hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Close_Second  +   3004d ago
I'm afraid...
...this is not a "must buy" for me. I was hoping with this gen we could finally say goodbye to frame rate drops, tearing and texture pop-in. By the sounds of it, "Mass Effect" suffers from some pretty dire pop-in and frame rate issues. Is there any point pushing a system to the point where its showing signs of being pushed to far?

If however they address these graphical issues for the sequel I'll buy this just to fill in the back story. By the way, the PS3 is also showing signs of graphics issues (tearing and texture pop-in in Uncharted) so don't for any minute think I'm picking on the 360.
hotshot1237  +   3004d ago
i respect your comment but i dont agree
considering all this talk about how the 360 is so easy to develope for, and this being one of microsofts biggest titles, there shouldnt be THIS MANY FREAKIN ISSUES.

ps3 however is more difficult to work with and considering its naughty dogs first game on the ps3, its know what i mean???
EZCheez  +   3004d ago
This is off topic but
Where exactly is all of this screen tearing in Uncharted? I have a 46' Sharp Aquos, which I consider to be a large enough tv to notice issues like this, and I never saw it throughout the entire game.

ON TOPIC-I would have loved to have played Mass Effect. Hell, I actually bought a 360 just for this game (I did return it though so you can still hate me 360 fans). I was jealous of this game from the start, but now i'm starting to feel even better about my decision. I know this is probably a great game, but my life is far too busy to play anything as epic as this. For a lot of people (especially us adults with careers) sometimes a game with a 8-10 story is perfect.
bruiser81  +   3004d ago
i havnt noticed any and im 75% into the game
gamesR4fun  +   3004d ago
Dont by it rent it first at least
Fact is if you dont love the story you'll never finish the game and even then the poor graphics insane load times and mindnumbing game play make it a hard go...

@ the disagrees try the game first fools Im just stating facts about it that these stupid biased reviewers wont tell you. See this way when you buy the game you'll know it wasnt just your machine messing up... kinda like the rest of us with AC felt after we tried the game. You know the wtf the reviews never said anything about game freezes or massive tearing on some scenes.... if only i had know id just of rented it b4 sinking 60 bucks....
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gamesR4fun  +   3004d ago
poor graphics might be the wrong wording cause honestly some of the scenes are absolutely amazing but it does suffer from sever framerate issues.
mesh1  +   3004d ago
BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT this game will sell in truckk loads i know im buy it 1st day and the good thing is that all 40 ppl on my frein dlist that oplay cod4/gears/halo 3 all day are raving about this game =- they will buy it hahaha
Danja  +   3004d ago
umm are you insecure..??

it's as if your in denial this game won't sell well but ur acting like one of those phsyco..who talks to themselves trying to convince urself that it wont flop..all 40 of my online friends will buy it will sell..!! dude lay off LIVE for while..go experience the outside world....haha
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IGNFTW  +   3004d ago
"Mass Effect has so many conversations, side-quests, details and monotony that it can be boring, or worse, coma inducing. "

JokesOnYou  +   3004d ago
well he admitted you need time to play this game
many of us adults with busy schedules CAN find the time to play this game, its not like you have to do anything special to make time, just a hr or two a night is plenty for me, which means it will be a quite awhile before I finish ME, but thats just fine with me, also the fact that he thinks it has too many conversations and sidequests says alot, the thing is although it has shooter elements its still an RPG at its roots, and he honestly doesn't sound like he cares for RPG's too much, I'm also much more the shooter type myself, I still appreciate the blend of both in this game, but it seems to me the very things he didn't like are what most reviewers loved= dialogue/voice acting/role playing/story, also this was a very short review, so I just wish he would of explained himself a bit more.

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Shaka2K6  +   3004d ago
jade empire and ass effect both huge POS flops.

whats gonna take to bring bioware back.
Danja  +   3004d ago
whats gonna take to bring bioware back ?..UMM EA..LOL..

ok lame joke...
The Dude  +   3004d ago

I don't know if you could try any harder to be a troll. How do you have any bubbles left?
power of Green  +   3004d ago
Add another 8.3 with this review and another 10 out of 10 from the review in pending stories.

#9 Is correct buy the game its going to be great don't let the reviewers tarnish games where you don't even enjoy them anymore picking them apart developing unrealisitc expectations. This fanboy score attack Bullshit is for losers and gothic scum.

It you're a fan of a great story telling and even better being able to control this story buy this game. I could imagine some wanted the game to be more like a straight action game with some story telling despite this being an RPG first so of course some are going to rate the game accordingly.

Its the Price MSFT will pay having so many hybrids in development that will be missunderstood.
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wangdiddy82  +   3004d ago
im going to laugh
when people buy this game and play it for about 1 hour and say damn this game is boring.. Back to cod4 or halo 3.. This game looks so boring and add in all the glitches u have one great

I would rent this game before u go out and buy it.. This game doesnt look like its for everyone and only for the select few who like to listen a lot and like a lot of narrative in a game.. Looks like u need a lot of patients to play this game.. And i know gamers dont have much patients and just want action...

360 tag bigdaddycrosby

ps3 tag wangdiddy
The Dude  +   3004d ago
Laughing @ U wangdummy
I'm going to laugh @ you because this game is the best rpg to hit a console and its not on the ps3. Laugh. And its going to sell a ton of 360's. I bet most ps3 owners have an inch of dust on their console. Why? Because the ps3 never gets played very few good games no great games Laugh Laugh Laugh

"And i know gamers dont have much patients and just want action"
Thats why no one wants a ps3... Laugh. Laugh. laugh. Laugh.
#13.1 (Edited 3004d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
gamesR4fun  +   3004d ago
man Oblivion is the best next up prob fallout but no one who plays this for real can say its the best rpg ever at least not if they've played any other mainstream rgp.
#13.2 (Edited 3004d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
goldenzealot  +   3004d ago
well im going to hire it before i buy it. not because it has glitches or anything like that, just to see if i would like the game. like wang said, people enjoy different types of games.
wangdiddy82  +   3004d ago
the dude
Nobody fu%ks with the Jesus.. lol.. love that movie..

anyway im not bashing mass effect and i might even try it out but it doesnt look like a game everyone will enjoy.. And the action looks like it will not be that satisfying..

By the way i use my ps3 about every day out of the week.. Mostly for gaming but every other night i pop in a blu ray movie..
#15 (Edited 3004d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
InMyOpinion  +   3004d ago
The rest of the time you troll in the 360 section of n4g?
WIIIS1  +   3004d ago
It appears that some reviewers think that this game is as bad or only as good as Uncharted.
InMyOpinion  +   3004d ago
I feel that some reviewers really should'nt write about RPG's. I think many of them felt stressed out when they played Mass Effect. A game that is not over in 6-7 hours and that you can't speedrun through. It seems to me that they are missing the core of the game, trying to play it like an action game. They probably clicked through all the cut-scenes and dialogue just to get to the end. Gametrailers even had the nerve to complain about the side-quests, "there are too many", they said. That's laughable since you choose if you want to do them or not. All I can say is that if you devote enough time not to try and speedrun through this game, you will be rewarded with one of the best gaming experiences in years. These reviews are nothing short of a sacrilege.
mesh1  +   3004d ago
that what they are dpong and they are not even hiding it the want a shooter tbh if this game came close to giving halflife 2/bioshock/or gearsmof war style action gameplay and still deliverd the rpg elemts that it has this game wud be unreal and i think any game this gen wud do that ive enver played an RPG that has action comparable to action game but this g amre coems close and they mark it down fo rthat haha shows how great this rpg is that why i have QUITE a laugh and pc after getting sc yerstday aNDplaying it for 2hrs(yes it notth best story driving an dopen worls ive seen as u cant go were ever u want but the game is amazing looks amamzing and feels amamzing assisn creed is a good game) i know all i need to from now is focus on some reviews as to me ac is a 9/10 game nopt motr not less not to mention mss effetc is getting rav reviews so no concern here
jaja1434  +   3004d ago
Ok dude really, I love your enthusiasm for the game but for the love of god fix all of your grammar mistakes. Or better yet just erase the whole thing and start over again. I think I read the first two lines and then it boiled down to me expecting a period. But that period never came! Why or why did that period never come? Somewhere around the 3rd line would have been great! But it wasn't there. Why not I ask WHY NOT???
leon76  +   3004d ago
Another 90+ review...8.3
allforcalisto  +   3004d ago that maybe a bit too low
this is a good thing tbh for certain 360 users out there i s'pose.
If you went into the game thinking it was as some gamespot 360 users were saying, "the greatest rpg ever...better than any game ever on ps3" ha!
then you'd end up eventually sorely dissapointed.
I didnt trust those early reviews at all, too much had been shown which begged the question...why is this game getting infinite more praise than assassin's creed halo 3 and bioshock orange box...because people like star trek and this game tries to appear as a space exploration game. I said the environments would be limited, and a lot of recycling would happen, i said the gameplay would get kinda repetitive. You just had to look at it early on to see it. All of this wouldnt be so noticeable if the game wasnt being hyped as it was up till its release.

honestly can mesh1, zhuuk, power of green, and any other 360 fanboys (not normal sensible 360 users) now justify mass effect not being built with a hard drive in mind. Sorry but i reckon blu ray wouldda helped out as well.
i'm glad ffxiii is a ps3 exclusive, and rockstar games are building that ps3 exclusive; check up the reason why rockstar gave for making it and la noire exclusive..zhuk heh.
#19 (Edited 3004d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
secur1ty911  +   3004d ago
Just cuz its the last game to come out before 2008 hits it doesn't mean you have to dish out hard earned money on this 12 hour of the longest dialo...
If this is your thing to hear what aliens have to say and then respond for most of the 12 hour game then buy it.
ps1h1ch  +   3004d ago
That's the point of RPG games but you cold put any word where aliens stands.

I'm barly at half of the game (just killed Ben....) and I love every bit of a game. I got the chance to play this game before official reviews came out and I'm happy I haven't even read them, couse so I haven't been build too much hype for this game like I did with AC. I am building it through the game which in my oppinion deserves it. Not like some newer games such as assasins, halo and lair.

I'm not big rpg fan (atleast for now) couse I've only really played (finished) just arround 5 games of that ganre. But I'll deffinitly finish this one...
Nostradavis  +   3003d ago

Playing and finishing 5 RPG games is no small task.

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