Pachter: NPD Can and Has Been Wrong

Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities has stated that the NPD Group has been wrong a couple of times in the past when it comes to sales numbers.

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JellyJelly2536d ago

I guess they have much in common with Pachter then.

LOGICWINS2536d ago

I guess they have much in common with humans...ya know, since none of us are perfect.

M-Easy2536d ago

I always considered NPD a sham since they don't include Amazon sales in their reports. Most smart self-respecting gamers buy from Amazon. Especially back when they had $10 and $20 bonuses for practically every game.

Mustang300C20122536d ago

"Most smart self-respecting gamers buy from Amazon"

What an ignorant comment.

LOGICWINS2536d ago

"Most smart self-respecting gamers buy from Amazon"

Why would you assume that? Newegg has great deals as well. Ignorant post.

cpayne932536d ago

Most smart gamers check a bunch of places for the best deals, not just amazon.

Boody-Bandit2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

I agree Logic.
I make the majority of my online purchases from newegg. I usually receive my purchases from them in 24 to 48 hours tops and they almost always have great deals going on.

I spend a ton of cash with them every year. Amazon offers some great deals and discounts but shipping is slow unless you choose their gold service but I don't want to be locked into any one service. Shopping around is your friend. Why lock yourself in?

M-Easy "smart self-respecting gamer"
Quoted for nonsensical humor. I mean it was meant to be a joke, right?

jib2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

"Most smart self-respecting gamers buy from Amazon" < LOL

a smart gamer/shopper will look around for the best deals. ex. gamestop(i know most of you hate it) for me was the best choice for BF3 because of the physical warfare pack

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disturbing_flame2536d ago

The Pach' is never wrong. that's why he is reliable.

Oh wait a minute...

M-Easy2536d ago

"What an ignorant comment."

"Why would you assume that? Newegg has great deals as well. Ignorant post."

LMAO Dual troll accounts confirmed. Nothing ignorant about getting a $20 dollar credit, no sales tax, and free release date shipping. Quite the opposite of ignorant.

Mustang300C20122536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Dual Troll accounts? What are you 13 years old or somthing? No we recognize the benefit of preordering from Amazon but you get those similar benefits from other places as well by shopping around. So yes I stand by my comment by saying yours is ignorant with the whole self righteous mentality of buying from a specific location. Get off your high horse.

My profile says who I am no reason to play those fanboy games with you.

M-Easy2536d ago

I never once said ALL gamers bought from amazon. I was pointing out a large number of gamers do because of their great deals.

Also NPD never tracked Wal-mart either. Even with no deals we can all agree tons of games are purchased there.

Neko_Mega2536d ago

Yet some how I found new copys of games about 30 or 40 dollars cheaper then what Amazon.

That is even counting some hard to find games.

jib2536d ago

i did pre-order the limited forza 4 from amazon but how come i didn't get an option for the free release date shipping? are you only talking about prime members?

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Projekt7tuning2536d ago

New story.
NPD: Pachter Can and Has always Been Wrong.

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gaffyh2536d ago

Well he said console sales are pretty much fully accurate

ATi_Elite2536d ago

Michael Pachter saying someone has been wrong!!!! The nerve of this guy!!

Practher has been so wrong so many times that now he only makes Obvious "Tomorrow will be a new day" or a sequel to a game will be made that everyone already knows that.

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iamnsuperman2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

His job isn't just saying what X will do. He does have to use figures and crunch those numbers to get the results so he can advice other companies. Its not as simple as "tomorrow will be a new day". If he just said stuff with no data to back it up then the words are worthless. He is an analysis who gets paid to analyse data. We only see the result not the process which isn't an easy job. You kind of have to be qualified.

gunnerforlife2536d ago

so hes a troll cuz he called you out? LOL
seems like you really are angry!.

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ForROME2536d ago

On this site - its only wrong when it doesnt favor your system, when it does, it couldnt be more accurate for the crazies running around on this site, to many tears and spilt milk

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