GAME trade-in deals: Forza 4 £4.99, Ace Combat 99p

IncGamers: Both will require you to part ways with a new(ish) release, however.

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The Meerkat2475d ago

If Ace Combat is as good as Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation then I would call 99p overpriced.

It does look very pretty though.

r1sh122475d ago

ive pre ordered ace combat..
but this sort of deal is good for anyone who doesnt like any of the listed games..
fifa, gears etc...
Or if someone has finished said games

Fil1012475d ago

bit off topic but does any1 know wot the trade in price would be for a psp2000

2475d ago
Godmars2902475d ago

So much for Gamestop being the worst trade-in rip-off.