Battlefield 3 - Caspian Border: More Jet Gameplay (9:1, bombing + dogfights)

DSOGaming writes: "Battlefield 3's beta has ended but DICE provided us - via the game's FB page - with a new footage from the Caspian Border map. This video was uploaded by YouTube's user 'ytFex' and features 4 minutes of jet gameplay. As DICE stated, this is a nice example of what we can look forward to."

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Septic2416d ago

Some great gameplay there. I wish I was that good at flying the jet.

My gripe with the jet is that we have to unlock flares. Why? Javelins rape you in this. Flares should be unlocked from the very beginning imo.

Elwenil2416d ago

But you have to unlock the Stinger also. ;D


The guy exploded with the jet... Can't you jump or land it (obviously he couldn't, it was about to explode, but in normal conditions)?

Dart892416d ago

Awesome 15 more days can't wait.

Can two people be in the jet??

JellyJelly2416d ago

Only one, I think I read. But most other vehicles can have 2 and more passengers.

Hufandpuf2416d ago

The red baron of the 21st century.

detroitmademe2416d ago

i hope consoles get more than 2 jets per team,if not i think we'll see alot of players fighting/waiting at the spawn 4 them.

xX_Altair_Xx2416d ago

There won't be more than 2 jets per team; waiting for jets to spawn is something we'll have to accept. It happened during the beta.

caboose322416d ago

Why would they get more then two jets per team?

PC only has two jets per team on 64 player severs and thats more then enough.

Elwenil2416d ago

I honestly will be surprised if there are more than one jet per side on consoles. 12 people is not a lot to spread around.

pr0digyZA2416d ago

Especially if there are heli's, tanks, jeeps, apc's in the same map.

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