Gaming Nexus - Dragon Age: Legacy Review

"Playing through Dragon Age 2 was a chore for a lot of people, others have been quick to forgive Bioware for delivering a product that didn't seem up to their normal standard of quality. I find myself in the latter group, but still maintain that they could have released a better game. Bioware looks to be trying to remedy some of their mistakes with DLC that tries to return the game to the series roots with Legacy, a short burst of story exposition that manages to make Hawke's family a more cohesive part of the Dragon Age universe. While story is always important in an RPG, it's not the only thing that drives me to play this genre of games. A good design to the bosses and epic loot always keep me engaged, and Legacy has plenty of that to go around, with one of the best battles in the game and some of the best weaponry Hawke can wield."

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