Unreal Tournament 3 HD Footage

Check out the IGN videos featuring UT3's "warfare and deathmatch modes from the final build".

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ddldave3961d ago

wow, ps3 out for 1 year and yet ut3 already looks better than anything the 360 will ever have, 360 has been out for 2 years yet all it got is crappy graphics mass eflop, have fun blind 360 fanboys. ut3 hasn't even started on the 360 yet, wouldn't be surprised when they finally announce it cancelled for the 360. i'd be enjoying mouse and keyboard on my ps3.

ulath6663961d ago

This is a PCgame first and a console game second. The PC version is 20 % faster and will look better than any of the console versions. Also the Xbox 360 version WAS being developed and was at the same "build" as the PC/ps3 verion in march. Then they put the 360 version aside to concentrate on the pc version and get the ps 3 version done.
The game has a retarded inteface though, something we have you console tards to thank for.
Also in a pc review for this game the PS3 version is said to be released in march 2008...

littletad3961d ago

Crappy graphics and Mass Eflop? Are you trying to be funny? Goodness, someone send this guy a fleshlight and a sixaxis.

killedinaction93961d ago

Your Mum must be very proud.

tony3961d ago

has nothing to do with consoles. call of duty 4 looks better in any console. fanboys are so bias.

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ravinash3961d ago

lets not start a flame war, I don't want to draw attention away from such a great game.