Wanderson75: Thoughts on the Battlefield 3 Beta's Blair Hicks reflects on the Battlefield 3 Beta, and considers the merits of rocket launchers and drywall.

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ArchangelMike2475d ago

Ermmm.... I hate to break it to you but... it was a BETA and not a DEMO! Huge difference in the two. If as a gaming journalist you do not know the difference between the two, don't quit your day job!

Ashby_JC2475d ago

I was thinking the same thing. He knows its a freaking BETA! But put DEMO on the title on purpose. To get hits maybe?? Who knows....but it is NOT a DEMO and I hope he knows it...and is just putting DEMO to get hits aka attention.

Ashby_JC2475d ago

Good review of the BETA. Not sure why he has DEMO in the title but keeps saying Beta in the article.

wanderson752475d ago

Yep. I'm working on getting the title corrected. Apologies.

leogets2475d ago

cool story bro. beta was amazing. the full game will blow ya socks off for sure